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Level2 2016-06-04
The Boulevard Chinese Restaurant in kuching is famous for its variety of delicious dim sums. And here's a quick peek at how their emperor char siaw noodle and wonton soup ranked.Char Siew Noodle (dry)A delightful dish this was. The noodle was fine and tangy, layered with aromatic sesame oil and shallot flakes. The char siaw was thick and juicy and most importantly it didn't reek of the weird pork smell that some char siews have. Actually the noodles could have been served without the char siews and I would have still finished off the whole plate. It was that good. And as of that wasn't enough, the chef added boiled Siew pak chois as the side dish. Not crazy about vegetables but I found them to be very crunchy and juicy. Wonton noodle (soup)Now for those of you who prefer noodles with soup, why not give the wonton noodle a try? It might not be a flavorful as the dry char siew noodle and also slightly more oily but the wonton itself is worthy to be praised. The filing is rich with marinated minced meat and chopped veggies. The size of the wontons is surprisingly big so if you have a small appetite, you might want to share this dish with a friend or family member. Overall this place is a must visit. They serve maybe other dim sum dishes besides the tangy noodles and tasty wontons. continue reading
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