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Among the five senses that located at the taste buds of the human tongue, the sweet area is positioned at the tip of the tongue. This could be the reason on why sweetness is easily recognised, accepted and welcomed by most people. Besides, sweetness can consider the ‘less painful’ as compare to the others. Hence, desserts that mostly work on the basic of sweetness are always on a welcoming state.Evaluating on the sesame soup/paste and chocolate orange cheesecake ordered today, I’ll say they offer a ‘hypnotizing take’ as sweetness can bring the feeling of happiness and the aphrodisiac element in the chocolate has worked its magic of relaxing our nerves. The sesame soup is smooth and of a moderate sweetness. This aromatic dessert is not only delicious but a healthy choice. Crunchy cookie bits can be felt in the cheesecake, this has created the fun biting experience. The only drawback of Secret Recipe’s cakes is they are too sweet for most of its cakes, this chocolate orange cheesecake has no exception as well. However, it does not hinder the joy of treating one’s sweet gateway here and feel the difference. continue reading
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