Scenic Views and Good Food, Let's Travel The World in Thailand!
Bangkok, Bangkok and Bangkok. Ever consider visiting other places in Thailand besides Bangkok city? Check out these beautiful places that will make you feel like being in different country. Believe it or not, these places are all located in Thailand! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order)

1. A Cup of Love

A Cup of Love, Thailand, 泰国, 美景, 餐厅, 绵羊, sheep, good view restaurant
Chilling weather and adorable sheep to play with, what a wonderful place for family outing! Kids would definitely love this place. Get away from the hectic city lifestyle and enjoy beautiful nature with a cuppa coffee in A Cup of Love! Photos credit: chanokearn, TungUnUn

2. Moai Coffee

泰国, 美景, 餐厅, moai coffee, cafe, coffee, Thailand, good view restaurant
Moai Coffee, the aptly named café can be seen surrounded by Moai statues and big stones. This nature inspired café is a good place for you to relax. Bring a good book along and ordered an iced blended drink, a well spent day is assured. Photos credit: Fighting_galls, ssgade

3. Bear Hug Café

bear theme, bear hug cafe, dessert, coffee, thailand, 泰国, 咖啡馆
No one can ever resist the cuteness of huggy bears. This Bear Hug Café in Chiangmai will be your next favourite hangout spot in Thailand! From interior to food design, they are all conquered by heart-melting cute bears. However, no guarantee that you won’t feel the pain if you eat ‘them’! Just stay strong, and enjoy the delicious ‘bears’. Photos credit: kamolpatploy, monlada, khoonyee, patthawan

4. Primo Plazza

thailand, cataholic, cat theme cafe, 主题餐厅, 泰国, 曼谷, bangkok
Primo Plazza is the little Italy in Thailand. Dining in this place will definitely makes you feel like being in Italy as the Italian square is highly impersonated. Another attraction that you can’t miss out is the sheep and alpaca farm here, do check that out! Photos credit: Likanew, veesaw, aye.savitree

5. Palio

thailand, restaurant, chocolate ville, 主题餐厅, 泰国, 曼谷, bangkok
Palio Khao Yai is an Italian-themed shopping centre. So many good stuffs here for you to shop till drop! Besides shopping, there are a lot of good restaurants too, especially dessert shops! Grab your favourite food here while enjoying the beautiful scenery! Photos credit: eat and travel diary, Anniko, FeelFood, eat 'till die

6. Mimosa Pattaya

thailand, 泰国, mimosa pattaya, 海滩, 餐厅, 美景
Many people acknowledge Chonburi, Pattaya for beautiful sea sides like Bang Saen and Koh Samed, but in Chonburi there’s an attraction and shopping area named Mimosa that you can’t afford to miss. Aside from the photogenic colourful buildings, there are plenty of restaurants that offer good food too! Photos credit: บิ๊กแบงค์, gus5535

7. J-Park

thailand, romantic restaurant, theme restaurant, bangkok, sirocco, 主题餐厅, 泰国, 曼谷, bangkok
Japan or Thailand? You probably will get confused when you get here because J-Park is all about Japan! Variety of Japanese delicacies waiting for you to discover, of course there are plenty of Thai food choices too because it’s Thailand after all. Shopping and feasting all in one place, awesome! Photos credit: *MollyArTy*, Yumijung

8. Pickadaily

thailand, theme restaurant, cabbages & condoms, 主题餐厅, 泰国, 曼谷, bangkok
Now let’s take a trip to United Kingdom? Pickadaily is another attraction that includes many different services in one place, from café to mart, bistro and massage center. Tell me if you will ever get bored spending your day here. The environment here is very beautiful too make sure you get your camera fully charged for endless selfies! Photos credit: nopkit, numooaey
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