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收到了SabahEats 的邀请, 我们也再一次见面啦!这次与沙巴爱玩客, 番茄树还有Chloe一同到了近来新开张的港式茶餐厅试吃。尖沙嘴冰室 The One Hong Kong Cafe Located nearest to down town of Kota Kinabalu, we manage to visit The One for an interesting foodies session, together with a few others well known bloggers and local Facebook Page's admin.The One Hong Kong Cafe is formerly a pub and bistro as spoken with Johny, the owner. So, don't be surprise to see people drinking beer at all times. - 香港版 出前一丁 Hong Kong version Chut Qin Yati Deng -听说出前一丁是世界著名泡面之一, 面的嚼劲不会很软而有点像弹弓面。 我蛮喜欢尖沙嘴冰室所准备的出前一丁泡面,与其他餐厅又不一样。 平时我见的是太阳蛋与大片的午餐肉,这次他们准备了炒蛋与一口煎午餐肉给我们。汤底, 我相信如果采用原有的粉料, 必定一级棒!煎午餐肉, 如果煎的干一点,还有金黄色,也一定可以带出香港的味道。"Chut Qin Yat Deng" Instant Noodle is a well known Hong Kong brand of Instant Noodle. The One Hong Kong Cafe uses the original Hong Kong produced "Chut Qin Yat Deng" to serve their customer. The noodle texture wasn't soft and just nice with a bit springy bites. - 卤水花腩 Lo Shui Pork -大力推荐的菜肴之一!卤水类是尖沙嘴冰室的主角也是本地很多餐厅都找不到的。经过了老板与香港厨师的三个月的配制, 卤水也渐渐散发了香味,让卤肉类煮更香。 记得, 卤水熬得越久,卤肉越香, 所以呢~ 好像台湾和香港, 老字号出名都是因为陈年老“汁”。我们可以放心,老板保证食物的配料与制作过程的都保持干净与汤汁的新鲜。The recommended one! Lo Shui dishes would be a type of dish whereby the soup with added spices were cook for days or months, or even years by famous restaurant. The soup was prepared by Hong Kong chef hired by The One Hong Kong Cafe, it must be well kept, aged and basically keeping it freshness so that the braised meat with it are covered with the smell of the sauce when we eat it. The longer it is, the better it will be! Imagine keeping it for 40 years, "old" soup always WIN!- 双皮奶 Egg White Milk -这天平还值得试一试。滑滑嫩嫩的。I love the soft texture and it won't smell awkward either.- 港式西多士 Hong Kong Style French Toast -我喜欢这样的下午茶! 西多士与一杯奶茶! 趁热吃吧!I love to have afternoon tea. French toast with hot milk tea would be wonderful for light meal.- 冰镇奶茶 Champagne Milk Tea -哈哈哈! 这有香港feel 了吧?! 他们的奶茶是随着老板与香港厨师的配制而成,数量茶叶的味道。Champagne Milk Tea brought to us from Hong Kong. A mixture of few types of tea leaves which discussed between Johny and HK chef to make their special milk tea.- 桂圆雪耳露 Stewed White Fungi with Arillus Longan -养颜糖水。还可以降热。For ladies who are self cautions, this would be good and more over, cooling down the body heat.- 咖哩牛腩 Hong Kong Style Beef Brisket -尖沙嘴冰室的牛腩真的值得一试! 牛腩及牛筋焖了一段时间, 很够火候。烹饪过程中的蔬菜和特别酱料全是新鲜煮的, 不是微波炉叮的。他们的牛腩我可以接受,不会很干,不会很硬。 牛筋真的很好吃!他们的咖喱也不辣!Recommended one! The meat not over cooked, not dry and I like it. Time is the priority to cook beef brisket and tendon, it takes more than 4 hours to cook them! The One Hong Kong Cafe prepared freshly with the additional curry sauce and vegetables, don't worry, the food was not pre-cook and they are not using microwave to heat them. Their curry is not spicy at all, just creamy and make is want more with the sauce. - 辣爆鸡翼 Super Spicy Chicken Wing -我们都喜欢这辣爆鸡翼 Super Spicy Chicken Wing! 一流! 超辣!No need to say much, all of us love this and it is super spicy!- 焗猪扒意粉(白酱) Pork Chop with Baked Spaghetti (Mushroom Sauce) -我比较喜欢红酱的味道, 猪扒煮的不错。I love tomato sauce when it comes to baked spaghetti. Slight improvement needed to make the mushroom sauce outstanding. The pork chop was good though.- 牛肉面 Beef Brisket Noodle -就好像之前所说的, 牛腩好吃!Just like mentioned before, beef briskets taste wonderful.- 饺子 Dumplings -肉碎,冬菇还有一些配料。馅料的味道还OK. 趁热吃吧!Dumplings need to be eaten while it is still hot! The meat was well marinated, just the way it should be.- 饺子 Dumplings -- 卤水猪肉捞面 Kon-Lo Noodle with Braised Pork -黄面不是我的最佳选择, 其实味道还OK。 三层卤肉与卤蛋是重点!I dislike yellow noodle. In fact, the overall taste was OK. Three layer Lo Shui Pork and Egg is the main point! - 尖沙嘴冰室 The One Hong Kong Cafe -这就是尖沙嘴冰室 The One Hong Kong Cafe啦!有些人说完全不像香港的味道, 那当然咯~ 如果没加入本地味道,本地人怎么习惯呀?还有, 意粉类也不是香港原创吧。 香港美食大多数方便及搞创意食品。 This is the Hong Kong Cafe we are talking about! Don't expect 100% Hong Kong style, it's only a concept inspired from Hong Kong. Fusion food!Facebook : The One Hong Kong Cafe 尖沙嘴冰室 Operating Hour : 9AM - 10PMContact No. : 014-6759987Location:Corner Lot. Formerly The One Pub & BistroKaramunsing Capital,88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. continue reading
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Level1 2015-05-21
Found this good place in Karamunsing Capital, behind the shop of formerly PAPA RICH, same row with Deli Korea. A restaurant with good atmosphere and comfort place for dinning and gathering with friends. They serve authentic Hong Kong style foods in resonable price. A recommend place to take a bite. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-05-21
friendly crew, Hong Kong style cookingample parking, the cafe is spacious with outdoor sitting.Northeast Chinese dumpling also available in boil, soup or pan fried. price reasonable.Champagne ice milk tea, served in ice bucket, is another must try continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)