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Level1 2014-06-24
this was my forth time i went there . but that day i bring my best friend to ate there . actually me and my friend came went to yu yuan hall for book promotion from popular book . so after bought some book we decided to took some lunch at novelty .. as i said before it was my fourth time .. so i randomly choose wet fried noodle .. as i though the cheapest food .. and some still water .. it nice ..  can i tell my first experience ate there ??it was 2009 , my dad brought me there while waiting the laptop to fix up .. so i choose "nasi itik" .. okay i never ate it before until that day .. it so delicious .. finger lickin good..2013- i choose noodle penang style .. may 2014- kuetaw basah seafoodjun 2014-wet fried noodlebut i reccomend you to choose noodle with lamb meat .. i never eat it because it too expensive i thought .. rm9++ but this dishes really popular at there .. so next time i went there again .. i'll take the picture noodle lamb meat and tell you bout the taste .. continue reading
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