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Assam Laksa
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Bundusan Pavilion 应该算是美食街吧? 在这区我们可以品尝到各式各样的美食。 日本餐, 快餐, 著名小吃等等。听阿力士说在这里有一间食物价格合理还有给客人的分量也ok的茶店, 我当然也要去吃吃看。 Recently, it's been a while that I have noticed Bundusan Pavilion's area do offers variety of food to eat, from Japanese food, Wine cellar, cafes and local famous eateries.Alex has been telling me about this restaurant which offers foods at reasonable price and providing satisfied portion as well. That's made me went for a try and I have been there twice last month. - 干捞粉面 Kon Lou Noodle -这是一间有提供猪肉的茶店。 阿力士叫了这碗, 还有猪油炸呢!Kedai Kopi Koki is a restaurant serving non halal food. Alex had Kon Lou Noodles (Sang Nyuk Mian), definitely different flavour as compared to the few famous Sang Nyuk Mian Restaurant.- 槟城亚三拉沙 Penang Assam Laksa -什么让我对这间茶店感到兴趣? 必定是他们家的槟城亚三拉沙! 我没吃过正宗的槟城亚三拉沙,所以一定要来试试。I have heard about the Penang Assam Laksa that Koki Coffee Shop offers. I never tried an authentic one, therefore it is a must to try just like I told my friends. - 槟城亚三拉沙 Penang Assam Laksa - 罗杂的浆料,好像槟城的浆味。 那玩面条的确是真确的! 味道真的有鱼香味。 The brown colour sauce is rojak sauce which taste the same like the one from Penang. The bowl of noodles is the correct noodles for Assam Laksa! The flavour was taste like Sardin and spices! It is Penang Assam Laksa! - 猪肠粉 Zhu Chang Fen 图片取于 Charlotte Credit to Charlotte -好久没吃那么好吃的猪肠粉了! 这是第一句话当我吃了第一口!我觉得在Bundusan Pavilion这区, 国记茶室值得一试, 想吃饱的可以去!想吃不一样的可以建议吃他们的槟城亚三拉沙。不是最棒,可是满足那个饿的肚子。 The first phrase I have said was "IT IS SO GOOD!". Its' been so long since the last I had Zhu Chang Fen. Wow! This plate do make some credit for sure!Overall, the shop was quite satisfied. Portion okay, reasonable price and service okay. I will visit them once in a while for breakfast. 位于 Location :Pick N Pay 或 KFC 对面那排店。The front row opposite Pick N Pay Groceries Store and KFC. continue reading
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