When East Malaysia Meets Western Food!
Western food, kota kinabalu, sabah
What about a change of cuisine this time? We’ve been having quite some local delights recently; let’s try out something different this round at Kota Kinabalu! Searching high and low for the best Western food around Sabah today! From lamb or chicken chops, fish and chips or even some steaks – it is just so delicious that will sure to ignite your appetite for more meals soon! Adding that they will really make you drool and crave for Western food once you’ve read this article! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Tasty Wok

Tasty Wok, Western food, Dim Sum, Chinese food, Sabah, Penampang
Not just selling dim sum and Chinese cuisine, they too have western cuisine! Most patrons will visit them for a morning dim sum session with their family, lunch and even dinner time! Get some goodness of western food from Tasty Wok like Lamb chop or Chicken chop that is served with fries and a portion of salad! Besides, this restaurant at Kota Kinabalu do serve cakes too! Meals are just incomplete without having desserts. So remember to get there and try their western food!

2. Chill & Relax

Chill & Relax, Cafe, Western food, Lido Plaza, Sabah, Penampang
A place that is really meant to chill and relax with good food? Head to Chill & Relax at Lido Plaza in Kota Kinabalu. Having a café theme of ‘The Gathering Ground, Good Food, Good Friends’ – this café serves good food with an affordable price. Serves recommended Australian Sirloin steak of 280gm that is imported from Australia, serve with fries and salad. Marinated with own recipe, choose the doneness of the steak and you’ll be served with perfection. Juicy and tender, it is great in taste too. Condiments of Garlic cream, Barbeque sauce, Black pepper or mushroom & mint is available! In the meantime, they are preparing to serve you with good steak cuts like Ribeye, Short ribs and more!

3. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Cafe, Oceanus Mall, Western Food, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
The first Hard Rock café in East Malaysia is located at Oceanus Mall in Kota Kinabalu! With a splendid sea view, enjoy sipping and toasting to a great café and a great ocean view! Known for being the best place for exciting events, entertainment and a place for party, they too had good food that you’ve got to explore. Ranging from potato skin, Seafood spaghetti, Grilled meats (Lamb / Beef), desserts like cheesecakes and alcoholic drinks too! A place where there are live band performances too – Hard Rock Café is the place to be!

4. Upperstar

Upperstar, Suria Sabah, Western Food, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
A steakhouse at Kota Kinabalu that serves quality food with nice cosy ambience that suits for family dining or dating? Head to Upperstar for some delicious western food! Be it for lunch or dinner, they have an extensive menu that serves more than you know. Affordable prices from Sirloin steak, grilled salmon and even local delights like Roti Kahwin, Nasi Lemak or Teh Tarik too! Remember to try their Lamb chop with their special made sauce! So, don’t wait anymore! Gather some friends for some good food and slow talks together today!

5. Brass Monkey Café and Bar

Brass Monkey, Lintas Plaza, Western Food, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
A place at Kota Kinabalu that gained likes from locals and tourists – Brass Monkey café & bar! Serves good western food, they are always packed with patrons that would love to dine there for their western delights. Friendly staffs and nice environment, their food is good in quality too. So many to choose from the menu, they are known for steaks like the Wagyu beef, lamb shank, lobsters and more. Besides, they have a special dessert of Fried Ice Cream! Crispy outer layer that is warm and chilling cold ice cream inside! Simply the best!

6. IHOP Café

IHOP Cafe, Lintas Plaza, Western Food, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
From steaks, burgers and even sandwiches, IHOP is the exciting café at Kota Kinabalu with good food served! So many to choose from and affordable prices, they do have Chinese cuisine like fried noodles and fried rice! Located at 1st floor at Lintas Plaza, do keep an eye and don’t miss them out. Usually crowded with many young couples, you know this place is surely good for gatherings and dinner too! Everything listed in the menu looks so appetizing and mouthwatering. Do try their Grilled Chicken Cheese and Lamb Chop - which is one of their chef’s specialties!

7. Sailor’s Café

Sailor's Cafe, Millennium Plaza, Western Food, Sabah, Penampang, Kota Kinabalu
Located at Millennium Plaza, their café is neither too big nor small and they always have crowd that love to have parties there! A unique cafe with fantastic interior design, they do have both local and western delicacies, they will not disappoint you on their food quality! From starters to mains, they do have some premium meat that is sold by weight. Their western food is specially cooked by their chef and all the sauces are house mixed by the chef too! Creamy carbonara spaghetti to burgers, how could you miss out this awesome place!

8. T Fusion

T Fusion, Lido Plaza, Western Food, Sabah, Penampang, Kota Kinabalu
Known for serving healthy cuisine without MSG, they serve shabu-shabu, teppanyaki and resto-bar that serve western food! Serve signature Sirloin steak and Lamb loin, all these are specially marinated by the chef with their own secret ingredient that makes it so tender and juicy! It is cooked using a dry pan with oil and this is what makes it simple yet juicy. It is serve with vegetables and stir-fried potatoes with onion and tastes just too good to describe!

9. Jacknife Bar & Grill

Jacknife Bar & Grill, Western Food, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
Located at Donggongon Point in Kota Kinablu, they are one of the best place to satisfy your cravings for meat and western delights! Serves good portion of meals as they aren't stingy on with their food, not to mention their prices are affordable too! What's recommended here would be their Grilled BBQ Pork Chop - signature dish of 3 Layered Pork Belly Char-grilled that is served with Chili Padi and Lime; Grilled Lamb chop, tenderized lamb shoulder with their signature marinade that is homemade. Besides, their chicken chop are one of the best sellers too! Dine here today because they are absolutely worth the price you're paying for!

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