The Best Pizza Selections in Sabah!
 De L’s Café, Santino’s Pizza, Grabbing Hands, Lucy’s Kitchen, Pizza Soon, Pregio by Barista Caffe, Delizia Cibo Vino Caffe, Sabah
A flatbread that everyone instantly fell for with lots of cheese, meat, vegetables or different kind of sauce – they are called Pizza! Pizza can be a great food at any time of the day. Perfectly baked till crispy with that cheese that makes it feels like overflowing, where can you get the perfect piece of Pizza around Sabah aside from the ones that you’ve tasted for years? They will sure to make your stomach growling after you’ve finish reading it! Ready for some fantastic choices of pizza you can get in Sabah? Let’s go! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. De L’s Café

De L's Cafe, Pizza, Cheese, Penampang, Sabah
Cozy and nice ambience with simple decorations, De L’s Café would be a good choice for food in Sabah! Lots of choices here, they will sure not to let you down. Extensive menu that serves Asian fusion, breakfast, pizzas and coffee; the pizzas here are all made of their own recipe. Taste wise, it had been tweak to make sure that they suit the local’s taste buds! One of their famous pizzas would be the Chocolate Pizza. A limited serving per day, this pizza is known as one of the best dessert selection. So many more savory pizza choices, be sure to visit them when you are in Sabah!

2. Santino’s Pizza

Santino's Pizza, cheese, Sweet, tomato, sabah
Another pizza joint introduced into Sabah, they quickly gained fame and likes from the locals. Having a few selections of pizza flavors here, enjoy them while it is served to your table! Home-made tomato sauce that makes it so delectable, their pizza crusts are chewy but crispy too! Choose from ordinary or thin crust, their cheese toppings will sure to satisfy you because you should try to pull the slice of pizza up when you order it! Cheesy real good, they aren’t stingy with toppings n ingredients used. Do give them a try and you’ll know how good it is!

3. Grabbing Hands

Grabbing Hands Pizza, burger, pastas, Sabah
Interesting interior that makes you want to stay longer for their food. Grabbing Hands Café is an interesting cafe in Sabah! They have a mixture of Art and Food, they serves delicious burgers, hotdogs, pastas, steaks, and nonetheless – Pizzas too! Burgers are quite impressing here too. Quite some variety available to choose from, their pizzas are all home-made by their chefs from scratch! Nicely baked and topped with cheese and your favorite toppings, crust is chewy and crispy – perfect! Visit them to enjoy your food and art here!

4. Lucy’s Kitchen

Lucy's Pizza, Lamb, pizza, sabah
A fusion place for good food, Lucy’s Kitchen too serves creative pizza! A wide variety of food served here comprising from Malaysian delights to Western delights, pizza here is great! Recommended to try their Lamb Pizza – unique in taste and soft tender pieces of lamb meat too! Their pizza base is different as they are absolutely thin and crispy just like crackers! Give this restaurant in Sabah a try and you know how good it is!

5. Pizza Soon

Lido Foodcourt, Pizza Soon, pizza, smoked salmon, chessy chicken, sabah
Located outside of Lido Foodcourt, they serve gourmet pizza and you can choose the bread you like! Choices like White bread, charcoal bread and tomato bread; comes in 6” or 10” sizes too. More than 8 different types of pizza toppings available, they are known for the charcoal bread as one of the best seller! Flavors like BBQ chicken, Cheesy chicken, Smoked Salmon and more available too from Pizza Soon! Be it take away or eaten in the foodcourt, be sure to enjoy it until the last piece!

6. Pregio by Barista Caffe

Pregio Pizza, Barista Caffe, chicken ham, pizza, sabah
A café that makes fantastic specialty coffee is now here at Metro Town in Sabah! Serves good coffee, their brand is imported from Hong Kong. So apart from coffee, they do serve good food too! Serves Western and Italian delights, their signature of Egg and Chicken Ham Pizza are one of the best pizzas that are enough for two! Thin and crispy, there is an egg in the middle too! Cheesy and filling, simply delicious!

7. Delizia Cibo Vino Caffe

pizza,  onions, sabah
An Italian concept dining restaurant in Sabah, they serves affordable Italian food that caters to your appetite! Serves thin crust pizzas here, each piece is made from scratch by their master chef! What is recommended here would be their Chef Pizza – topped with mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, onions, cream, tomato sauce base and bolognaise sauce too! Freshly oven baked upon orders, it is so delicious when eaten hot! With that amount of cheese, remember to pull them out gracefully to achieve that satisfaction in you!

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