Irresistible Sweet Desserts to Try at Sabah Bah!
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Desserts spelled backwards would be Stressed. So do you always wonder why would you always think of desserts whenever you feel stressed? Now you know the answer! Of course, we wouldn’t just leave you unattended with doubts. Here are some great suggestions that worth your time to try them all up at Sabah! Sweet tooth here we come! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Gerai Sudi Mampir

Coconut Jelly, Gerai Sudi Mampir, Sabah
A barbecue food stall at Sabah, they are very famous for barbecued clams that come in various sizes. Those clams are grilled using Satay sauce. Well, what we are here is for their Coconut pudding! A pudding served inside the coconut, it is chilled and so refreshing! Tastes sweet and thick coconut milk flavor, each bite is real good that you would love to have more of it! They do have grilled coconut too! Give them all a try.

2. Ah Pak ABC

Ah Pak ABC, Ice, Bukit Padang, Taman Mawas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Was located at Bukit Padang area previously and this stall is very famous among the joggers too. They have now relocated to Taman Mawas at Sabah. What is so special about Ah Pak ABC? Of course is the best ABC that helps to kick the heat off you. Having around 9 choices of ABC to choose from, they are famous for ABC Ice Cream Special, ABC Mixed Fruits and more. Served with shaved ice, sweeten corn, grass jelly and many more to dig in a bowl! Don’t miss it because they are really good and it is hard to get it elsewhere!

3. Cool City

Cool City, Waffle, Milk Tea, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
A local brand established since 1999 at Sabah, they are known to serve good milk tea that suits the local taste buds and created some fruit base juices too! Besides drinks, they do sell classic waffle and ice cream too! What’s recommended here would be their Snowy Mango that’s a combo of mango smoothie and fresh mango fruit in it. Taste sweet and chewy bits of mango bits in it. Moreover, they have quite some outlets around Sabah too!

4. Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart, Pomelo Mango Sago, Mango Pudding, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
A Hong Kong style dessert stall that combines local fruits to adjust to the locals’ liking, Sweet Heart at Sabah serves nice icy cooling dessert to chill you down! What is recommended here would be their Avocado sago, a dessert that is good especially for the ladies! Avocado is good for our skin and hair. Desserts here are made using real fruits and not from powder form. Besides, they have other recommended like Pomelo Mango Sago, Muddy Mango Pudding, Dango Chocolate and more!

5. ZenQ Dessert

ZenQ Dessert, Taiwanese Dessert, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
One of the Taiwan style desserts in Sabah, they are very known among the locals! The Taiwan style dessert consist of shaved ice, grass jelly, Taiwanese ‘pearls’ crystal noodles, Q-yuans (freshly made daily) that is available in 3 flavors and some fresh milk-like cream! They taste good when it is all mixed together. The Q-yuans are so springy in texture and it is not sticky at all! Refreshingly good, they have other shaved ice selections and waffles too!

6. Qing Bou Leong

Qing Bou Leong, Tong Sui, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
A famous dessert shop for ‘Tong Sui’ here, they serve variety of dessert from hot to cold and even iced slushies too! Apart from desserts, they have main meals here like Pan Mee, Lei Cha and more. What is famous here would be their slushies of Mango Honeydew Slush, Durian Slush and Honey Mixed Fruit Punch! Do give these a try because it is just too refreshing and yummy!

7. Paramount Dessert House

Pudding, Cakes, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
A small dessert house that is located at Sri Kepayan, but serve wonders inside – desserts like pudding, cakes, Tong Sui, Chiffon cakes and more to choose from! They do have their daily specials and what they have during our visit was Vietnamese dessert. It was quite special, uses coconut milk it is very nice and it has corn in it too! Sweet and good, do give them a try too!

8. A Ga Swing

Fried Ice Cream, Thailand Fried Ice Cream, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Fried ice cream? How do you fry it without melting it but making it into ice cream instead? A technique that is famous in Thailand, you can now eat them here at Sabah too! With a flat metal plate that instantly makes water into ice, uses the ‘fry’ technique to make this ice cream is indeed smart yet fun. Having a few flavors to choose from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and toppings too! Get your fried ice cream today!

9. Nunpat Dessert Cafe

Nunpat, Korean Dessert, Bingsu, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Nunpat is known as Red bean shaved ice in Korean, they are a Korean dessert café at Sabah that serves variety of bingsu. Nice and comfortable interior inside, do try their Patgi Bingsu – shaved ice with red bean and marshmallow. It is good to cool yourself down on a hot weather; or a piece of Garlic Cheese Bread would tickle your taste buds too! Uses natural ingredients and homemade recipe, you should try them out today!

10. Lucky Bean

Lucky Bean, Waffle, Gai Dan Zai, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Then here comes Lucky Bean! Desserts style of Hong Kong and Taiwan, they have an extensive menu for desserts and snacks to calm you down! What is special here would be their Eggette or better known as ‘Gai Dan Zai’. A famous snack from Hong Kong, you’ll be able to try them here now. Crispy and has cheese in it, totally different and good! Other than that, they have scrumptious spaghetti too!

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