Best Soto in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!
Soto, Soup Noodle, Beef, Beef meat, Beef Balls, Indonesian food, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Soto is a local soupy noodle that warms up everyone when you need it! A noodle that comes with beef broth and served with vermicelli; they are very known among us all and they have it in seafood now too! Why not let’s search for the best Soto in Sabah now?

1. Tasty Soto House

Tasty Soto House, Soto, Noodles, Beef Noodles, Sabah
If you love to have chili in your food, this is the place to be! Homemade soto noodle and broth that is excellent in taste, expect to enjoy their spicy chili that helps to enhance the taste further! Known for their Soto Wantan Udang too, give them a try!

2. Soto House

Soto House, Soto, Noodles, Beef Noodles, Sabah
Have you ever tasted prawn balls Soto? Special isn’t it? This is the place where they uses fresh prawn flesh to produce their home made prawn balls! Uses herbs and bones to boil the broth, it is really packed with flavors!

3. Happy Kopitiam

Happy Kopitiam, Soto, Noodles, Beef Noodles, Sabah
Located inside this Happy Kopitiam (this kopitiam is just opposite Servay hypermarket Penampang), the stall that sells this soto are good too! Uses fresh meatball, bet you’ll enjoy the soup until the end! Many will sure to recommend you to this stall because good things are really recommended!

4. Vape Eat Café

Vape Eat Café, Soto, Noodles, Beef Noodles, Sabah
Located at Kingfisher here, it is air-conditioned so you do not have to worry if you’re indulging in a bowl of warm and comfortable Soto here. Wait, do you know their Soto broth here is completely different? Made from peanuts, it tastes just like Satay sauce! Choices of Chicken or Beef Soto available here!

5. Happy Muslim

Happy Muslim, Soto, Noodles, Beef Noodles, Sabah
Serves the true Malay style Soto, this soup base here are slightly clearer and recommended by many. Don’t be alarmed as even tourists will come over for their Soto too! Nice cuts of meat used in their Soto, they have quite some selection to choose from! Come here to enjoy it!

6. Dayang Rojak House

Dayang Rojak House, Soto, Noodles, Beef Noodles, Sabah
A small shop located at Kelombong here, they serve Malay dishes here. You should come here to enjoy a well boiled Soto soup that compliments the noodle so well! Many slurp down the whole bowl without having any soup left in the bowl. What about you?

7. Restaurant Taufik 1

Restaurant Taufik 1, Soto, Noodles, Beef Noodles, Sabah
Many had already said that they have the best Bakso and Soto here. If you have yet to try it, this is the time to be here! Clear broth and comes with beef balls and meat and vermicelli, even we can’t resist it anymore! Come here to get your cravings fixed!

8. Sri Rezeki Restaurant

Sri Rezeki Restaurant, Soto, Noodles, Beef Noodles, Sabah
Located at Lintas area here, their Soto had their own specialty as well. Savory and boiled for long hours, it has beef and beef offal, served with vermicelli too. Truly a delicious bowl of Soto you need here!
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