4 New Restaurants at Lido Plaza (Greater Kota Kinabalu)
Greater Kota Kinabalu, the urban area surrounding the capital city of Kota Kinabalu, is developing in a rapid pace in recent years, as more and more new development projects have taken place in this area. Located in the district of Penampang, Lido Plaza is one of the new developments in Greater Kota Kinabalu that have recently stolen the limelight. It is basically a new commercial area, which aims at becoming a one-stop shopping area with church, supermarket, boutique hotel, restaurants and coffee shops.
lido plaza, kota kinabalu, penampang
Let’s take a look at some of the new and interesting eateries in Lido Plaza: (The restaurants below are arranged in no particular order. Some of the establishments are not halal.)

1. Teddy ‘N’ Me

teddy n me, cafe, penampang, kota kinabalu, sabah, lido plaza
A new thematic café featuring everything related to teddy bears! Upon entering the café, you will be surrounded by all kinds of teddy bears, from small-sized to giant life-sized teddy bears. A wide selection of Western dishes is available on the menu, including sandwich, hamburger, pasta, hotdog, skewered meat and dessert. A sumptuous high-tea set is also available for dessert lovers who would like to spend a long and relaxed afternoon with their loved ones.

2. The B Side

the b side, cafe, penampang, kota kinabalu, sabah, lido plaza
Opened its door to the public last August, The B Side is a small but stylish café designed in contemporary style with brick walls painted in white. The seats are limited, but cozy enough for visitors to enjoy fragrant coffees and creative Western dishes. Breakfast is available all day long, just perfect for diners who are looking for something light for lunch or dinner. For main dishes, their Soft Shell Crab Burger and Baked Crusted Salmon are not only special, but also amazingly appetizing.

3. The B.E.A.N Factory

bean factory, cafe, penampang, kota kinabalu, sabah, lido plaza
Looking for a cozy and comfortable café to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee? Head to BEAN Factory, where you can enjoy a great variety of coffee with beautiful coffee arts. What’s more, you can choose to add a cotton candy on top of your iced coffee to make the coffee more fun to drink. Apart from coffee, they also offer delicious all-day breakfast and cakes to whet your appetite. Different types of seats are available here, including a sofa area where you can chill out with friends.

4. T Fusion

t fusion, steamboat, teppanyaki, penampang, kota kinabalu, sabah, lido plaza
As the name of the restaurant suggests, T Fusion is a fusion restaurant specializing in both steamboat and teppanyaki. To differentiate themselves from other competitors, the steamboat here is served with only high quality ingredients, including organic vegetables, premium meat slices and fresh seafood. For those who prefer all-you-can-eat steamboat, remember to visit here on Monday, as steamboat buffet dinner is available here every Monday. Pay Lido Plaza a visit today to experience these new and exciting eateries!
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