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Level3 2016-04-13
18.11.2015【星期三】 a sudden craving for thai food 第一次光临 pink elephant 很简单的menu,少了乱七八糟的设计菜单上打的是泰文和英文,价格也一目了然想吃的好多好多!不过那价钱就 .......和亲民不大能扯上关系第一道,tomyam soup没有想像中那么辣那么酸it's creamy and lightbut their tomyam taste way better than some of famous cafe一人一碗,份量刚刚好第二道,酸辣蒸sotongawesomely ! loved this refreshing plate highly recommended ~前两道都是酸酸辣辣的料理,把我们的胃都彻底打开了第三道,蟹肉炒饭you wouldn't want to miss a taste of this不过那出乎意料份量也是醉了~第四道,芦笋炒虾My favourite dish !同样的,份量也不多does the thought of cooking thai food stress you out?yes! healthy is eating well =P 员工们就等着我们这桌我们都有一点不好意思了,所以吃饭速度也比平时快了一点total bill RM116结账时候,阿余告诉对方咱们点的饮料没有上到对方立刻给我们端来四杯开水不算钱,免费的PInk Elephant C-G-, 2, Persiaran Greentown 2, Pusat Perdagangan Greentown, 30450 Ipoh PerakMalaysia continue reading
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