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Level3 2014-03-19
For me, Onigiri is a Japanese food, like sushi. But sushi is seasoned with vinegar/ Sushi sauce and embraced by seaweed. Onigiri, on the other hand,can be salty or otherwise, and it appear conventionally triangular in shape.Otherwise, it can be mould into anime like Hello Kitty , Panda forming a part of Bento also.Okaka and Tanuki Rm 3.80 per piece.If you cannot be certain the size of the onigiri, you can always ask the waiter there to show you.The waiters there are equip with the knowledge about dishes available. Mostly, you will be full with only 2 onigiri.Niko Niko 3-in-1 set Rm 9.90I like to eat combo meal, but when I went there again with my boyfriend, we didn't enjoy much. He claimed that it is quite expensive because for the same portion of food, he can get it at much more cheaper price.and my mood is affected by him... ( this is personal cases, I think he just distainted any food that he don't like)Alternatively, you can opt for Niko-niko set for heavy meal. I would choose this if I wanted a balance meal. A sushi rice of your choice.(Tanuki, Furikake, Okaka, and side dishes.(Seaweed, Tobiko, Scallop. Potato Salad)The miso soup is so yummy! The best I ever tried about the Japanese cuisine, it won't too salty, yet enough of taste.The tobiko is real in bouncy too!The potato salad is commonly tasty as well.Special Niko-niko Reimen Rm12.90I should ordered the popular hot Udon recommended by Boss.This dish remind me of Mi Sedap. No offence, but headed for HOt Udon is better.Chuka Idako (Baby Octopus) Rm6.90Couldn't critique on this Baby octopus as I didn't eat seafood.Onigiri Tanuki Rm3.80There are 3 catergory of OnigiriCategory 1- Rm2.80Category 2- Rm3.30Category 3- Rm3.80Because the Tanuki is very yum.I took away Tanuki. A bit dissatified about the take away waiting time. It took about 10 mins or more to get the take away.However, what impress me about this restaurant is that the Boss is very particular about the food quality and the service of waiter there.See~ service and food are both their priorities.When I urged them to make it faster. With an apologetic face, they explained, because they prepared according to the orders accept. So, you might need to wait longer especially during the dinner time which start 7.30pm- 9.00pm. continue reading
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