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Level2 2016-04-28
Other than the famous salted chicken in Kampar, the other famous food is the curry chicken bread. If there is a chance visit to Ipoh with my friends from oversea, for sure I will bring them to try on this. The curry chicken bread never let me down, they love it and miss the taste so much (which make me so proud of the food in Malaysia, haha).I love to bring my friends or family to this restaurant, not just because of the famous curry chicken bread but also the environment. Growing up from a little traditional family, I just love the feeling when all the people sitting down together in a round table, chatting while having delicious dishes.Outside the restaurant, you can see a transparent cupboard to display the curry chicken bread. We ordered one which is enough for ten of us. I always wonder how they create this delicious dish. The curry chicken is cut into piece and wrapped by paper while outside is cover perfectly by baked bread. There is another beautiful name for this dish – Golden Pillow.Besides the Golden Pillow, we also ordered other foods. The other foods were served in good taste as well. The spicy and sour fish, the sweet and sour meat, vegetable and tou fu.This restaurant also sent orange after we finished all the foods.May try this restaurant and of course can’t miss the famous curry chicken bread if you play a visit to Kampar! Tee-Hee                                                             ******                                                           Address:                                                  9&11, Jalan Masjid,                                                31900 Kampar, Perak. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-08
If you had go to any wedding before definitely you would had taste this before, this is the first dish that will be serve in every wedding dinner or lunch - as i went there for a lunch weddingin this dish there is a few different type of food which include of meat, vegetables and so onthe things i like the most in this dish is the center one - the fried yammy comment for this dish is just so so maybe because this is the first dish it will normally finish very fast - didn't really have a chance to take all of itif i were to rate this i would give 7/10 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)