5 WHYs for saying BYE to the unhealthy instant noodles! Say HI to ‘YOUMEE Natural Instant Noodle’
Often, there is the dilemma with “food that tastes good is unhealthy and the food that tastes bad is healthy”. For sure, there are a lot of you trying to replace your meals with instant noodles, especially, when you are busy till there is insufficient time for proper meals, but how can you make it a healthy meal? Now, there is the ‘YOUMEE Natural Instant Noodle’ to be the saviour for your urge for instant noodles! Not limiting to only three flavours, there is also the ‘Chinese New Year Gift Box’ on-sale, thinking of getting them? Continue reading!

1. Innovative New Flavour

Spicy Japanese or Korean Ramen? Well, still the Southeast-Asian style of spicy attracts the locals more, YOUMEE has introduced three local flavors, the Penang Prawn Noodles, Sambal Chili Fried Noodles and Green Curry Noodles.

The Sambal Chilli Fried Noodle’s sauce is from one of the Malaysian favourites, the simple original cooking method is already very satisfying, but, with some hacks, like putting a cheese on the noodle and microwave for about 2-3 minutes would become an upgraded version of the Sambal Chilli Fried Noodle, the melted cheese is so alluring, and once it is in the mouth, the taste of sambal would spread throughout your mouth. It just a few simple steps, the instant noodle would taste better!

2. Traditional Method of Air-Drying Noodles

YOUMEE’s noodle is chewy and springy, Why? The noodle is made of the most natural flour, salt, and water adding with the traditional method of air-drying the noodles.

3. Organic Flavouring

The instant noodle would fill up your tummy, but the harm of the flavouring to ones’ health is unforeseeable. Most of the instant noodles come with flavouring either in powder form or liquid form, but YOUMEE unique flavouring comes all-in-one pouch which the ingredients were cooked well and is processed through retort packaging, definitely assured for consumption.

4. Made Easy for Cooking

Experience problem with cutting the small flavouring packets in your instant noodles? No such issue with YOUMEE Noodle! YOUMEE Noodles’ sauce comes in an all-in-one pouch; you only need to open one packet of flavouring in the process of cooking.

5. Packing/ Method of Buying

YOUMEE Instant Noodle is currently in three flavours, all the instant noodles are packed as one flavour, one packet. You have the choice of buying one packet of the favoured flavour, no worries of buying one big packet that might not fit our tummy. Thought of buying? You can either buy at the Selected Jaya Grocer or at the official authorised online selling platform: 11street / Shopee / Potboy Grocery / LAZADA.

Online Shopping

Sambal Chili Fried Noodles

Selected supermarkets: AEON / Ben's Independent Stores / Selected Jaya Grocer

<YOUMEE Chinese New Year Gift Box>
For welcoming 2018 Chinese New Year, Youmee released the Chinese New Year Gift Box. At once, you can buy the plain noodle and together with three different flavour of Youmee instant noodles and there is a set of unique YOUMEE Engraved Wooden Chopsticks and Spoon Set coming as a gift, very suitable for gifting or own use!

#Free Shipping for purchasing <YOUMEE Chinese New Year Gift Box> online!

Plain noodle X 1box
Penang Prawn noodle X 1packet
Sambal Chili Fried noodle X 1packet
Youmee Engraved Wooden Chopsticks and Spoon Set X 1set

Plain noodle X 1 box
Penang Prawn noodle X 2 packet
Sambal Chili Fried noodle X 2 packet
Green Curry noodle X 2 packet

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