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Level2 2019-07-19
「Sushi Kitchen」是馬來西亞首創的vegan壽司,他們非常低調,不說真的不知道是vegan呢!這家是雜食旅伴最最最推薦的,因為它實在有太多讓人欣賞的舉動。1. 環保、減少浪費他們把廚餘製作成酵素當清潔劑,盡量減少浪費,還會在店裡賣環保酵素 (RM12),鼓勵大家使用2. 食材使用透明化、處理過程嚴謹店內使用的食材都非常講究,還逐一作成宣傳單張,一一解釋每樣食材的營養,讓大家吃得安心,還長了不少知識呢;所有蔬果都經過45分鐘環保酵素浸泡,非常乾淨3. 菜單貼心溫暖一般菜單都會有些小圖案作餐點的小提示,如小辣椒代表餐點的辣度等。這家卻增加了小孩,代表是「兒童最愛」;小飛機,代表「趕時間」等等,超貼心可愛的4. 餐點精緻、員工親切壽司精緻美味,由於太多選擇,我們直接點「皆大歡喜」16件壽司就把所有最受歡迎的包含在內了!「百變軍艦壽司」是每次不一樣的,根據廚師當天的心情和創意而做的,蠻有驚喜喔!拉麵我們選擇了「黑神之小黑」,湯底是有機五谷燕麥奶,很特別,很好吃!由於旅伴太愛「Sushi Kitchen」,我們回到吉隆坡時,還特意坐了很久的車子,去吉隆坡的分店,再吃一次!對了, 偷偷告訴你,「Sushi Kitchen」是可以加盟的,有興趣可以向他們查詢喔,希望香港和台灣可以有分店 😍"Sushi Kitchen" is the first vegan sushi in Malaysia. You won't realize it is vegan until you ask! This is the most recommended restaurant in Penang from my omnivorous travel companion.1. Environmental friendly, reducing wasteThey made environmentally friendly enzymes by using their kitchen waste, try to minimize waste, and they also sell it (RM12) in the store to encourage everyone to use it.2. The use of ingredients is transparent and the process is rigorousThey made leaflets to show people what ingredients they are using, and explaining the nutrition of each ingredient, you can gain a lot of knowledge of what you eat. Besides, all fruits and vegetables are soaked in environmentally friendly enzymes for 45 minutes.3. A lot of cute reminders on the menuThe general menu will have some small icons for tips, such as the small peppers representing the spicyness of the meal. This restaurant has added children icon, to represent "kids' favorite"; small planes, on behalf of "rushing", etc., lovely4. Fine dining and friendly staffSushi is exquisite and delicious. Due to too many choices, we directly order a “Happiness Family” 16 pieces of sushi to include all the most popular ones! "Gunkan of the day" is different every time. According to the mood and creativity of the chef on the day, it was quite surprising! Ramen We chose "Black God", it is organic five grain oat milk soup, very special and tasty!Since my travel companion loves "Sushi Kitchen" so much, when we returned to Kuala Lumpur, we also took a long time to go to the branch in Kuala Lumpur and eat again! BTW, secretly tell you that you can franchise with "Sushi Kitchen". If you are interested, you can contact them directly. I hope Hong Kong and Taiwan can have branches soon 😍 continue reading
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