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Next to Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant, Lot 2-G-11 & 12, Bangunan Lip Sin, Lebuh Pekaka 1, Off Jalan Sungai Dua, Gelugor, 11700 Penang
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18:00 - 22:30
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Full House of Pork Porky Pair Queen of Spade's Shroomception Spade's Hot Chick Stack of patties
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Level3 2013-09-03
It's basically potato chips with some not so awesome sauce (personal preference). I think it's a combination of ketchup & mustard? I could be wrong... It tasted sourish, which is why I do not like. I hate sour tasting food. Ignoring the not so awesome sauce, the fries are pretty good by itself & with ketchup. The portion is quite generous and coupled with the burger, it makes for a very filling meal. I think adding some cheese (like KFC potato wedges) would make it really awesome! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-30
I ordered a side dish for sharing, and the only side dish that they serve is the Potato Strips with AWESOME sauce. Unfortunately, I am unsure if they forgot my order or were they short of staff that I had to wait for 15 minutes after I finished the burgers, in which I was very close to asking my money back and cancelling the order.Regardless, they managed to serve the potato strips piping hot with a lot of sauce. The potato strips are just a nice name for chips. The awesome sauce that they use is the same sauce used in their burger which is their signature home made sauce. Apart from the signature sauce, they also put a lot of ketchup in the dish. Both of the sauces mixes quite well with the chips, making it a sourish, sweet and savoury affair. Perhaps it was due to my fullness and no continuity of the meal making me feel that this side dish is quite a letdown given their much delicious burgers earlier.This dish costs RM4.50. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-08-22
i donno do you noticed or not, so many many burger joints are mushrooming out of a sudden, be it in Penang or Klang Valley! and that perpetual queue at myBurgerLab @ Seapark is phenomenal, i have yet to try it out myself though. the only eatery that requires queuing in Penang is Nasi Kandar Beratur, there’s always a queue outside the stall all the time. i have tried their nasi kandar, but i thought it’s just so so, certainly didn’t worth the queue as i can easily just walk in to any other nasi kandar stall and have the same plate of nasi =.=i know there’s other stalls in Penang that requires long queue too like the famous cendol cart, but i think Nasi Kandar Beratur represents Penang better.okay the title says burger so let’s continue our burger talk!as i’m saying, more and MORE burger joints pop up out of nowhere! in Penang there’s Marshall’s burger, 43 Cafe, Ric’s Burger, Andy Warlord, Pos Burger and etc etc! burger fever, no?today, i’ll be introducing another burger joint in Penang - Spade’s Burger!what’s so special about Spade’s Burger is, other than pork and chicken burger which are already so overly concentrated in Penang’s burger scene, they serve Mushroom Burger! a-ha! i bet it’s something new in Penang!Shroomceptionthe name is apparently inspired by inception =.=this mushroom burger had stir-fried shiitake & enoki served on a deep fried panko-crusted portobello sealed with a slice of cheddar cheese (the enoki and shiitake were placed on the cheese for picture purpose here), on a bed of grilled cherry tomatoes and lettuce!i love the earthy flavour from the portobello mushroom and the panko crumbs sealed the flavour and juice within nicely, making it a really juicy and delicious!however, mushroom burger is not recommended for take-away as the panko crust will turn soggy, ruining its original taste and texture.Porky Pair | RM 9.90if you’re a meaty burger, you might prefer this pork burger, named after pairing the pork patty with pork bacon and also the poker hand of a “pair”!personally, i find the pork patty a little dry, and lack of seasoning hence bacon’s is dominating the whole pork burger’s flavour. perhaps the marination wasn’t done nicely. and also it’s better if the cheese was grilled together with the patty at final stage so that it’s “melted, smooth and creamy” as it claims on the banner! but i do likey the crispiness of the bacon!there’s a Full House of Pork | RM 15.90 version for people with bigger appetite! Queens of Spade's | RM 15.90this chicken burger featuring double chicken thigh, double cheddar and double bacon strips!double the patty, double the delight, eh?this chicken burger was also a hit among us! unlike pork burger, this was done in perfection! the thight was juicy and delectable! just the way i wanted it to be {Penang} Charcoal Mushroom Burger @ Spades Burger, Pekaka Squareoh did i mentioned that the burger charcoal bun and orangey patty sauce are house made? {Penang} Charcoal Mushroom Burger @ Spades Burger, Pekaka Squarethere’s also a scaled down version Spade’s Hot Chick | RM 9.90 for people with smaller appetite!Spade’s Burger is situated at Pekaka Square, few shops away from Maxim Dim Sum ( which me no likey btw {Penang} Charcoal Mushroom Burger @ Spades Burger, Pekaka Square ). only opens at night 1830 – 2300 (closed on Thrusday).locating the shop might need some effort as there’s no any signage at the frontal of the shop, but then you should be able to spot it from afar as this huge red banner will be placed in front of the shop! continue reading
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Level2 2013-07-03
And hi! I'm here to intro you another nice big fresh burger in Penang, The Spade! It is a small shop lot in Pekaka Square located near the famous dim sum shop Maxim.I'm crazy of its superb GIANT mushroom burger, named SHROOMCEPTION.It has a face-big sized fried portabella, enoki and shiitake with cheddar cheese and charcoal bun on top and bottom.I'm definitely a mushy lover that's why I strongly recommend you guys to have it at least once!IT IS INCREDIBLY TASTY! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)