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Level3 2013-10-31
When it comes to Thai restaurant in Penang, the first one comes into mind might be Khunthai Restaurant which is located at Teluk Kumbar and Butterworth. but if you’re staying at George Town, and you don’t wanna travel too far to satiate your Thai food craving, head down to Wang Thai Restaurant!don’t be intimidated by its tinted glasses. you know how we normally perceive this kinda shop must be some 黑店 which will burn a HUGE hole in your wallet. i don’t know about others, but Wang Thai Restaurant is not one of them. glasses are tinted to shield the heat from the sun, ensuring the interior is comfortable and cosy.Sawadee krup! and sawadee ka! which means Hallo in Thai!Lemongrass | RM 3i ordered a glass of Lemongrass to quench my thirst and to ease the heat later.it was my second time having this beverage. i would prefer Bangkok Wasabe‘s, they added a lemonglass stalk as stirrer which i thought is interesting.Gai Hor Bai Toey | RM 3 per piecewe had pandan leaves chicken as appetizer. surprisingly, unlike what i had in Khunthai, the chicken was crispy on the outside and tender and moist in the inside with a slight hint of fragrant from pandan leaves.Yum Woon Sen | RM 15.90hot & spicy Thai glass noodle salad was the dish served next.glass noodle laced with seafood, tomatoes, fish sauce, chilli flakes, and coriander leaves aka smelly grasses. i love how refreshing this dish is. it’s not that spicy, i kept helping myself with more servings of this salad.Gaeng Phet Moo | RM 12.90red curry pork with long bean.there’s a gai (chicken) version, just let the wait staff know when placing order.Kar Moo Tod | RM 27deep fried pork leg.i don’t fancy fatty bom bom, but i couldn’t resist to have a piece. this was the second time i actually consumed pork skin. it’s worth the calorie i must say! well-seasoned pork leg was deep fried to perfection! the skin was crispy and chewy. the meat was slightly tough though.Tom Yam Goong (Thick) | RM 24.90Tom Yam is a obligatory dish at a Thai restauant! this traditionally prepared spicy Thai Tom Yam with huge prawns, its spiciness is quite intense. you can already feel the kick in one sip. some find it too spicy, but me, the hot and spicy ant (ahem), thought the spicier the merrier wtf!there is also a clear version which is less spicy but more sour compared to this thick one, let the staff know your preference when ordering ya!i haven’t had a good tom yam in a long while. this’s even better than the one i had in Hat Yai! oh yeah, for your information, the chef is a real Thai, and he’s really strict with the ingredients selection. so everything you have here is quality controlled!Pla Kra Pong Neung Manow | RM 38steamed pla (fish) with lime juice and chili sauce served on a heating pot (?). you either choose Siakap (RM 38 -68) or Garoupa (RM 68-98), we had Siakap.this is another favourite dish of the day! people who can’t handle too spicy food will love this! the spiciness is milder compared to Tom Yam, but it’s equally sour! a berry appetising dish! the fish was fresh and succulent too! the broth was addictive and it goes well with two plates of rice!the lime juice is freshly squeezed daily! see, the sincerity of the chef can be seen in every dish!Hor Mok Talay | RM 23.90this is a special dish which steamed seafood (fish and prawn) otak-otak flavoured with curry paste, fresh coconut milk and basil served in a coconut!this’s the first i had a Thai otak-otak! excuse my bumpkiness! it’s different from our usual otak-otak where the meat is encased in banana leaf and grill prior served. this is more squishy but flavour wise, thumb up! but i still prefer Muar version . i grew up eating that!Khao Neow Mamuang | RM 9.90Tub Tim Krob | RM 4.50we had these two classic Thai desserts to cool the tongue! Thai sweet sticky rice with mango studded with fried green bean & chilled water chesnut (those red rubies) with jackfruit and fresh coconut. those red rubies are cubes of water chestnut coated with tapioca flour, gives it a interesting texture contrary to jackfruit.what a (not overly) sweet way to end a lovely lunchy! continue reading
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