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Level4 2013-11-12
Micke's Place Restaurant is a restaurant with a very nice interior design. Both of their wall on the side are full of customer's messages written there. It is quite a special idea to have this design for a restaurant.Grilled Lamb with Napolitana LinguineGrilled Lamb with Napolitana Linguine is quite delicious for those who loves lamb chop. It is kind of weird to have a bigger portion of lamb as compared to the linguine for this but I prefer this way because I love LAMB CHOP a lot. The lamb is juicy and tender. Their sauce is definitely matches with the lamb chop. continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-13
Micke;s Place is locate in a quite hiding place, if you didn't walk or didn't pay attention when you pass by Lebuh Chulia, possibly you will miss out this great restaurant. It serve not only western food, but also food ala Asian taste, or you can try to play mix and match if the boss is in the good mood.When the first time pass by this restaurant, I was been attract by her menu in the blackboard outside her shop. It stated inside got sell aglio olio. Oh my favourite food, but that time I was so full so we just pass by. Then there was a chance for me and my friend to visit this shop again when all other had close yet this shop is still open. You can either refer to their menu or look at the board on the wall for today special or the board outside their shop for the food you love. I order aglio olio and I ask what ingredient they put inside the food cause this dish is vegetarian. The boss told me that she will put olive oil, olive, a lot of garlic. Then I request to her whether can delete the olive, she said of course and ask me whether want to put some bacon, I said yes and ask her to put more chilli flake When she had serve up the food, I was surprise, cause I saw the small chilli inside, this is the second time I saw people using small chilli in aglio olio, she had put a lot until all of us eat until come out with the sound "siiiiiisiiii" really very hot and spicy, totally amazing. And the bacon is really so nice, eat together with the chilli flake, it taste delicious. I told the boss that this is the second time I met with the chief using small chilli and she told me that, aglio olio is actually using the spicy to bring out the taste. Such a wonderful experience, definitely will go another visit. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)