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Level2 2019-07-20
走進「品韾」大門,打破吃「齋」印象!店內裝潢時尚典雅,高級卻親切,像我穿著拖鞋進去也不會覺得格格不入 (這麼熱大家都穿拖鞋吧) 🤣重點,食物既好吃又好看!這裡沒有齋,只有Vegan!「酪梨紅菜頭酵母吐司」(RM18) 的賣相實在太美了!超適合打卡,放IG上會有超多讚的那種 😍 廚師很聰明地把紅菜頭做成泥/醬,塗在麵包上,在放一堆我超愛的酪梨,不喜歡吃紅菜頭的我也沒辦法嫌棄,大口大口地吃完 😋 「蕃茄紅醬意大利麵」(RM22) 也很推薦喔,很愛那肉丸;還有,如果能吃辣的,可以試試看「品韾椰油飯」(RM18) 喔~對了,我們還點了杯很「普通」的有機豆奶 (RM8),但不知為何覺得很好喝,問了店員才知道加了黑糖!真的蠻好喝的!「品韾」還有很多自家產品耶,Vegan的護唇膏 (RM28),賣相很可愛,忍不住買了個水蜜桃口味的,現在每天都在用;還有這家的保溫杯 (RM69) 都非常時尚耶;還有很多很多小東西,留待你們自己來發掘吧~Walk into the door of "Pin Xin" and break the impression of "Buddhist vegetarianism"! The interior decoration is elegant and stylish, but still keep the feeling of relax and casual, like I don't feel bad when I wear slippers. (I think everyone wears slippers in such a hot weather) 🤣Most importantly, the food is delicious and pretty!"Avocado Beet Sourdough Toast" (RM18) looks so pretty! If you take a picture of it, put on IG, you will get a lot of "like" 😍 The chef is very clever to make the beetroot into mash, painted on the bread, put a bunch of avocado, it makes me like this toast a lot even I hate beetroot. "Spaghetti Bolognese" (RM22) is also very recommended. I love the meatballs very much. Also, if you can eat spicy food, you can try their "Pinxin Nasi Lemak" (RM18) ~By the way, we also ordered a very common "Ordinary" organic soy milk (RM8), but I don't know why it tastes really good. So I asked the staff, they actually added brown sugar! um.. tasty!"Pinxin" has many products to sell, like, Vegan's lip balm (RM28), very cute in design,I bought a peach flavor, now used every day; and water bottle (RM69) ) It’s very fashionable; there are a lot of little things in Pinxin, discover them yourself next time~ continue reading
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