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The Minimalist Pork Burger
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Level2 2013-02-27
After drink in Nueve... let's go every tuesday pasar malam at Tanjung Bungah..When you reach pasar malam first will saw a little cute van selling PORK burger. OMG...!!! In this muslim country, PORK burger...!! What you waiting for??!! Go near burger van and order, after we order they will give us a small piece colourful paper with number. Then we continue walk pasar malam come back pick up ur burger in short while..Ta da...!!! Here Comes OINK PORK burgerwith cheese for only RM4!!!! cheap cheap!!After few bite.. opps... forget take pic... lol.... now take 1, can see the PORK meat inside..!! YUMMY!!! Awesome!!!Buy again next time!!!! continue reading
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