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Level3 2013-12-30
Nasi lemak is one of the Malaysian popular breakfast dish. Located at Lebuh Pantai and right in front of Sri Weld Food Court, Ali Nasi Lemak is one of the famous nasi lemak in Penang.There are six different types of nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf for you to choose from: anchovies + egg, fish, prawn, cuttlefish, chicken and salted fish + egg. Each pack of nasi lemak costs only RM 1.50.During our visit, we were amazed by the speed of how are they preparing and packing the nasi lemak. Fast and steady.Each pack of nasi lemak is prepared fresh right there. Steaming fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk was scooped onto the banana leaves, topped with fish/prawn/cuttlefish/etc followed by the red chilli-spiked gravy, then folded and packed into a conical-shaped packet. Fish Nasi Lemak in banana leaf (RM1.50)The moment we unwrapping the nasi lemak, we can smell the fragrance of rice with a little hint of spiciness. The rice was moist, soft (unlike the dry version of other nasi lemak) and not sticky. We love every bite of it. The fish was deep-fried, the skin was slight crispy but the meat was soft and juicy. The red chilli-spiked gravy on the other hand, spicy but very aromatic. This nasi lemak overall in combination, is definitely an enjoyable and flavourful breakfast to kick start your day. A small pack of nasi lemak like this can bring great satisfaction.Highly recommended for people who likes nasi lemak. continue reading
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