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Kane Combo Set Kanemochi Sundae Snow Ice
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Level4 2015-09-02
Always believe there're many ice cream lover around me... I would like to recommended you this, Kanemochi which located at Penang Heritage Area...The door sticker was attracted me. See, how cute was their mochi~  The have placed all the mochi flavors in front of their counter, the color seriously attrated me! They looks cute and felt comfort! But that's only a decoration! Also, I noticed that Kanemochi will give you a signature took away box when you've purchased 6 pcs and above.All right! Let's see the mochi we ordered. We have ordered these mochi, green tea, honeydew, mango, chocolate.The lovely mochi coming with a cute decor after cut into pieces.The mochi and ice cream taste just perfect, it's not too sweet or sticky. Other than that, we ordered another dish too. Brownie with mochi. The ice cream was put on top of the brownie. We felt hot and cold at the same time! Amazing! The brownie taste good and 'thick'! Yummy! PS: I would like to advise you that do not take long time to photo shooting the mochi, as they melt fast. continue reading
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