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Level4 2015-11-27
The soya guiling gao tasted nice. The guiling gao inside is very soft. It mixed with soya, nice taste and not too sweet. Overall, it is nice! For the pumpkin and vege set, I like the pumpkin with sauce. Compared to the mushroom set rice, I prefer the pumpkin set. It comes together with small bowl of soup, several types of vege and the portion is big. You will definitely feel FULL. The chilli sauce in the middle of the plate is in little bit amount but it is enough to be tasted. Idealite restaurant offered healthy menu and it is recommended.  continue reading
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By : ChhaWell this is not something new, it is just that we feel this place is worth writing a post about. Idealite Wellness Restaurant have a few outlet in Penang but the one we went to is the one in Queensbay Mall. Idealite Wellness Restaurant is said to be meat free which mean no pork, no chicken, no lard, no beef, no fish and no lamb but is it 100% vegetarian restaurant ? We can't be 100% sure but we can tell that the dish does not contain egg. Idealite Wellness Restaurant serve a variety of healthy food which is less sweet, less salt and less oil (probably none at all). We piglets certified this as a healthy place to dine !To us, the food here is tasty even though some of the food especially those with soup is kinda bland but what can you expect from a healthy food that uses only a little (probably near to none) salt, sugar and oil ?Signature Hakka Lei Cha RM 14.70(Fragrant Lei Cha soup is boiled with mint, basil and a variety of spices, to form the explosion of aroma. This light and sweet soup with brown rice is Idealite Wellness Restaurant signature dish)The Signature Hakka Lei Cha is definitely a must try dish at Idealite Wellness Restaurant. We strongly recommend this dish if you are new to Idealite or if you want to eat this every visit is also recommended, haha ! The soup is made out of few different type of vegetables blend together into a soup, the soup if then pour onto the rice to mix it before eating. The taste of the vegetable soup is tasty but just as a note, not everyone will like the taste of it as it has very strong vegetable smell and taste, well it is a vegetable soup though, haha !Idealite Chee Cheong Fun RM 4.70(Different from other Chee Cheong Fun in the market, the Idealite Chee Cheong Fun does not contain any benzoic acid. The glistening sauce does not contain shrimp paste. It is simply light and tasty)If you compare, this Chee Cheong Fun does not taste as good as those from other places, we feel maybe it is due to the paste they use does not contain prawn. The Chee Cheong Fun taste the same except the prawn paste that does not taste like prawn, haha !Hokkaido Vege Sushi RM 9.70(Rice rolls with aromatic seaweed stuffing soft to the taste. Containing burdock purple cabbage and a plethora of vegetables, this dish is not only tasty, it also strengthens the immune system)Hokkaido Vege Sushi taste a little bit sour due to the sauce the put at the outer layer of the sushi, over all, it is still nice to eat.Green Curry Ramen RM 13.70Made with organic oat milk, without any coconut milk, this curry is cooked sweet with hint spiciness. Delicious to the last slurp)Healthy Soup Ramen RM 12.70(Pumpkin, radish and assorted mushroom broth that is flavorful and sweet to the taste. Suitable for those looking for a light meal)A light meal it is, the vegetables and pumpkin put into this Soup Ramen does taste flavorful but the soup is bland, it is just like drinking plain water, haha .. but its good, too salty or oily is not good for health !Passion Fruits + Pineapple RM 8.70Beetroot + Carrot + Green Apple + Pear RM 8.70Beetroot is where the drinks get its colour from and not from those artificial colour put into it.Black Sesame Soy Milk RM 5.70Black Sesame Soy Milk has a thick layer of sesame in it making the soy milk taste good.The environment in Idealite Wellness Restaurant is good, their service is good and their waiter and waitress are friendly too. Price wise, we feel that it is a little bit expensive.Piglets Rating :Food : 9/10Environment : 9/10Service : 8/10Hygiene : 9/10Price : 6/10Address :Idealite Wellness Restaurant,Queensbay Mall3F - 10A, Queens Street.Operating Hours :10:30am to 10pm (Daily)Contact :046431228Posted Date : 25 June 2015Posted Time : 10.05 am continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)