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Level4 2016-02-13
Gala house is a nice place for relaxing. I ordered mocha and it tasted nice. The decoration on the mocha is attractive too. It cheers people up. The taste of the mocha is out of words. The taste of the Jack Daniel chocolate cake is nice too. The choco taste is great and overwhelming when you bite it. Mocha plus the chocolate is really a good combination. I ordered hot lemon tea also. It costs about RM6.90. continue reading
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Gala House Restaurant and Cafe serves western and Penang heritage fusion cuisine which based on spices and herbs (This was told by a friendly staff). Gala means happiness. The same concept goes to the interior design of this restaurant. The front of the restaurant building gives us heritage feeling whereas the interior design more on a mix of Western and heritage concept, with quite lovely, romantic and vintage ambiance. Flower and plant pot are one of the decorative items on the table.Wala-wala asparagus, green curry pasta with prawn and kimchi salmon spaghetti are their signature pasta dishes. Other than pasta, lemon grass chicken skewers, lamb osso bucco and the gala steak are the others signature main dishes. In addition to pasta and main dish, they also serves salad, soup, sandwiches and burgers, as well as asian delights such as rendang chicken, curry chicken and Thai curry. Wala-wala asparagus (RM 18.00)This is a spaghetti stir fried with clams and asparagus. The amount of clams are quite generous. The clams are fresh, slight salty with hint of spices, therefore matches quite well with the spaghetti which is quite plain and milder in taste (with only garlic and olive oil). The asparagus is fresh and crunchy. This spaghetti in overall, not too oily and more mild flavoured but we enjoyed it. Herb-roasted chicken (RM 28.90)Roasted half chicken served with baby potatoes and mushroom sauce. This roasted chicken is golden brown in colour and not over-roasted. The meat is surprisingly quite moist and not tough in texture with mild herb flavour. The mushroom gravy is special and delicious, with mild sweetness and it goes very well with the roasted chicken. A succulent meal.For beverages, they serves quite a few special coffee drinks and some with hint of liquor. For example, orang kaya coffee (chocolate brandy affogato), gala's coffee (ice-blended coffee liquor with coconut flavour), a-lo-ha (kahlua coconut latte), bailey's caramel (mixture of bailey's and rich coffee), etc. However, coffee is too heavy for us and so we ordered only a cup of hot Camomile tea. Chamomile tea (RM 5.90)This is a herbal tea and contains no caffeine. It is quite smooth and not too bitter. A good tea to calm an upset stomach.We had a pleasant dining experience at Gala House. The foods presentation is good. Another thing which worth to mention is their superb service and the staff is really friendly. They came to us and asked our comment on the spaghetti. They even suggested and offered a new plate of wala-wala asparagus which is more strong in taste or slight salty, when we commented the spaghetti is mild in flavour. Thumbs up for their excellent service. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)