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Level2 2019-07-19
當地人也極力推薦的小店 - 長青素,也是我們在檳城最常光顧的店!超過60道小菜,均沒有重覆喔,太強了!而且還非常非常便宜又好吃!自助形式,選好後拿到櫃台,店員會幫你判斷多少錢,個人來說,平均都在 RM8 左右!你還可以配個鮮榨果汁,如芒果汁 (RM3) 和加個甜點喔,如愛玉冰 (RM4.8),都很好吃耶~小店雖沒有冷氣,但我覺得還可以喔,一到中午吃飯時間,其實還蠻多人的,當地人和外國人都喜歡來耶,店內很快就座滿囉!The restaurant that is highly recommended by the locals - Evergreen Vegetarian Food, is also the restaurant that we go frequently in Penang! Over 60 dishes for you to choose! And it is very, very cheap and delicious! Self-service form, go to the counter after you finished choosing your food, the staff will help you judge how much does it cost, personally, the average is around RM8! You can also have a freshly squeezed juice, such as mango juice (RM3) and order a dessert, such as Aiyu Jelly (RM4.8), which is delicious.Although the restaurant is not air-conditioned, it's still okay to sit inside for me. When the lunch time is coming, it is quite a lot of people. seems like locals and foreigners like to coming here! continue reading
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