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Assam Laksa Mahogany Tofu Mushroom Satay Napoli Bianco Red Yeast Fried Rice
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By : ChhaSecret Recipe has build its reputation as a good cafe in Malaysia selling tasty food and cakes. Though piglets are not really a big fan of Secret Recipe due to its poor service in most of the outlet in Malaysia but this particular outlet sparks our interest to go have a try. All these while, Secret Recipe do serve vegetarian food but there is only a few limited choice to choose from, if we are not mistaken, its only from 4 to 5 items. Now Secret Recipe open a new outlet dedicating only vegetarian food.Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe No 1-1-29, Elite Avenue,Jalan Mayang Pasir 3,Penang.Beyond Veggie serve a wide range of vegetarian food, which is tasty most of it.Napoli Bianco Pizza RM22.00 (Regular) RM30.50 (Large)By the look of the pizza, it looks tasty, it tasted good as well .. hehe .. it is exactly like a real meat pizza from those famous chain piazza outlet.Sesame Spaghetti With Beancurd Roll Cutlet RM20.90This is tasty as well. The taste of the sesame is so yummy and the asparagus is so big ... haha ! The 'fish', the brown thing that looks like a cutlet but taste like a 'fish' has a fine texture to it.Azuki Green Tea Cake(Refreshing green tea swirls with layers of fresh cream with a delightful burst of azuki beans)Since Secret Recipe is being famous for its cake, therefore it is a must for us to try on one of the cake, hehe ... with no surprise, the cake does taste good. Level up to its reputation !There is also other types of cake to choose from apart from the Azuki Green Tea cake.Ice Caffe Mocha RM10.20Being vegetarian is not about being on a diet, its about eating healthy.The food in Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe taste good, the environment is nice and clean, the service for this outlet is good.Rating :Food : 8/10Environment : 9/10Service : 8/10Telephone :04-6111199Business Hours :11:00am - 10:00pmGPS Coordinate :5.3230670, 100.2819574Posted Date : 12 March 2015Posted Time : 03.18 pm continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)