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11:30 - 22:30
Mon - Sun
11:30 - 22:30
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Signature Dishes
Azuma Zushi Pizza Enoki Beef Maki Hake Tataki Maki & Una Cheese Maki Miso Ramen Sanma Shioyaki
Review (12)
Kiwi drink with small umbrella and some other drink we ordered.Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken fillet with sweet sauce. it taste pretty sweet but it also very crispy, best to go with steamed rice. Salmon Roll RM28, Tamago, Crab Meat and Cucumber wrapped with rice and top with SalmonRead more: http://www.tasteiest.com/2010/06/azuma-japanese-restaurant-2.html#ixzz2wH1IpDsNPieces of Beef serve in sizzling plate. beef is perfectly cook which doesn't has chewy texture instead it is very soft and flavorful.Grilled Seafood with Vegetable, Squid, Fish Meat and Prawn. The prawn cought our attention as it was very big and taste very fresh.Read more: http://www.tasteiest.com/2010/06/azuma-japanese-restaurant-2.html#ixzz2wH1PwyiJ continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-23
Azuma (Japanese word of "east") is a Japanese restaurant in Queensbay Mall. Although it has a kaiten (conveyor belt) in a section of the dining area, it caters for higher market segment than other Japanese restaurant in the likes of Sakae Sushi. Surprisingly, it is still priced competitively.Right off the kaiten, we took a blue plate of Tamago Maki (egg rolled sushi) and red plate of Chuka Iidako (seasoned baby octopus). The latter is rather nice!In addition, we also ordered a serving of Yaki Gyoza (pan-fried dumpling). It comes in 5 pieces. The minced meat inside has the right texture and works well with our tastebuds.For more a filling treat, we ordered 2 bento sets: Steamed Salmon Bento and Unagi Bento. Each is served with Garlic Fried Rice, Miso Soup and some Fruit Slices. The latter set also comes with a cup of Chawanmushi and Mayo Salad.The steamed salmon is just mediocre, but the unagi (eel) is really special. Somehow, the chef knows his trade and makes it so perfect to the mouth!The garlic fried rice is reasonable, but I somehow prefer the one at Sakae Sushi.While we were settling the bill, we were each served with a complimentary cup of Ice Cream.All in all, Azuma is a great place to have a nice Japanese meal. The environment and hospitality is also welcoming. However, be wary of your financial capability, because an unimpeded appetite can snowball and cause serious damage to your wallet. Or your credit card as the case may be. continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-30
the last time i dined in Azuma was a year ago with the boyf, and i have never stepped in since then. mainly because its posh-looking facade that prevent me from going in, not without the companion of (working) adults. i am a poor student with limited pocket money, hallo? but LC told me that some of the dishes are actually quite reasonably-priced, so i thought of giving it a second chance hence, the birth of this post. it was really crowded on a Saturday night, so the staff asked us to leave our number and she would call us once seats are available. we did some shopping while waiting for the call. i think other restaurants should do this *cue Sakae Sushi* instead of letting your customer standing there waiting.apparently they have revamped the whole restaurant. i remembered it was really cramped with dark lighting last time. now, cubicle are brightly-lit beside the entrance, perfect for couple, but not so muchy for privacy since everyone who walks in can practically see what you all are doing.this is what you’ll see on your left once you step in. i fell in love with the ball lighting thingy. i wanna have that in my dining hall in my future home! but i hope it won’t emit too muchy heat.and this, on the right. the sushi conveyor belt has extended to reach more tables. and chef working station has moved to the back with a golden classy looking backdrop.took some sushi off the conveyor belt while waiting our mains. what’s your must-have sushi? salmon has always been my favourite!Salmon Temaki | RM 3.80salmon hand rolli ordered this during my last visit, and i thought the salmon serving is really generous at only rm 3.80, slightly cheaper than Jusco’s. recommended it to LC, and she loves it too! one complain is that, the salmon slice was chewy and it’s hard to bite it off. so it got messy after the first bite and messier the following…Gyuniku Chahan | RM 8this beef fried rice is LC’s must-order whenever she dines in Azuma. i had a spoon and boy the rice was light and fluffy and fragrant! all grains were separated from each other plus generous slices of beef hidden underneath! and amazingly it’s fulfilling despite its small serving.Soft Shell Crab Jyu | RM 13 (M)my soft shell crab rice was equally great. i thought i would just get a halved crabbie manatau it’s a whole HUGE crispy one! i gave quarter to LC and still found it hard to finish :/Chawan Mushi | RM 3.80lastly, our long-awaited steamed egg custard to complete our lovely satisfying dinner! our bill came up to RM 20+ per head, no so muchy damaged to wallet so yay can plan for next visit jor, i saw many ordered the pizza thingy! hmmm gotta gather more of us so that we can order more stuff to mum! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-09
Soft Shell Crab Jyu with RiceFinally, my very first encounter with soft shell crab indulgence. Am still a bit skeptical at first whether to really bite on the shell or would I regret it later Anyway, after testing the first bite, the shell seems alright, just need few extra chewing I suppose, hehe. The shell is actually quite chewy with its unexpected solid filling of the crab meat. It is quite tangy and juicy at the same time too, and that makes me wonder am I really eating a crab of rather crabmeat fritters. Nonetheless, it is quite a pleasant experience too. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-07
Azuma Japanese Restaurant is one of the awaking Japanese Restaurant located in Queensbay Mall had captured a lot of blogger to taste and review. The restaurant it self is located on the South Court of the mall is located at the 2nd floor beside Harvey Norman.The beef teriyaki is a bit disappointment as the beef is a bit overcooked. Perhaps for those who love beef, it should be nice with 40% cooked. The taste is nice but is a pity is overcooked and the portion is quite big to be served continue reading
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