Escape from The Hectic City Life and Let's Enjoy A Good Cuppa at These Recommended Cafes in Penang.
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Penang is a heaven to the coffee-lovers, there are many nice cafes and their barista does have a high requirement for their coffees. The coffee culture in Penang is way richer compared to Klang Valley, due to this, Penang have many talented barista. In here, it is mainly on the cafes in Penang and what are the attractions that may attracts the coffee-lovers. Check this out to see which cafes attracts you the most!

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Mellowcup Café is one of the first café in Malaysia that attracted the coffee bean brand of ‘Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea’ which is owned by Moses Chan, a Hong Kong celebrity. The dedication of the boss of Mellowcup towards coffee has made the café to have a higher requirement to the coffee. So, at Mellowcup, you get to drink the riches handmade coffee. There are many types of coffee here, excluding Moses Chan’s coffee bean, there are some other coffee beans from other country. The recommended ones are like the Ice Drip Coffee and there is a special coffee personalised for the different horoscope. Ever wonder how does the coffee of your horoscope taste? Go try it!

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Kraffmen is a hidden café in Georgetown, with a rich taste of Melbourne which makes this café the favourite place for the international students from Melbourne. Kraffmen passionately produces delicious food and aromatic coffee; they make most of the ingredients and sauces themselves, including the brewing of coffee beans. Not only trying out their coffees, you can give a try to the taste of Melbourne.

Photo credit: Constant Gardener Coffee@Facebook
Under the warm sunlight, holding a book, drinking a cup of aromatic coffee that is like the best you can do when you are relaxing! Constant Gardener Coffee has the best and comfortable environment, giving you the best experience of enjoying a cup of coffee, letting you feeling relax as if you are at home. There a many coffee lovers whom are in love with this café and staying here for hours. At there, they also have desserts but no main courses, maybe some of you can try out their cakes when you are relaxing there!

Photo credit: Monkeycup Café@instagram
In Monkeycup Café, they use Peaberry coffee beans, one of the rarest coffee beans; some of the coffee lovers consider that these coffee beans have the strongest aroma and taste. In the café, there are not much special decorations but they have that strong scented coffee which have attracted many coffee lovers’ support and favour. Monkeycup Café also has imported some coffee beans from Thailand. Thinking on how the coffee beans of Thailand taste? Come over to Monkeycup Café to try it out yourself and do not forget about trying the Thai food served at here!

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ChinaHouse is known as the longest café in Penang and it is a combination of three heritage building. Inside the café, there are a total of 14 different concept of space. Maybe, due from the traditional compound of the café, there is a strong artistic feeling in the environment and there are also many artistic portraits placed in the café. Coffee lovers and yet an art lover can come over to enjoy a cup of aromatic and rich coffee with a piece of cake, so satisfying!

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Dcova is a European style café, the coffee beans used in their café is the PIF Blend, making the coffee pure and rich in taste, coffee lovers that love such taste should consider to go to Dcova for a try! The design of the café is very European style, making the café elegant and comfortable. Dcova is a good place to go for during your spare times. Not to forget, they also have delicious cakes and English breakfast, having brunch or tea here is a good idea!

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Just like the name, those coffee lovers that are being addicted to the coffee should really consider on this café. In their café, they use PIF Blend coffee beans b a Singaporean brand which is Papa Palheta. The taste of their coffee is fragrant and aromatic. There are main courses and some side dishes in their café; they still emphasize more on their coffee quality after all. There are many coffee lovers that are recommending them and this has brought many foreigners to go to the café.

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Are you loving the coffee to the extend as if you are having an affair with the coffee? The boss of Coffee Affairs own coffee bean farm themselves. Coffee Affairs does everything themselves from the beginning of picking of the coffee beans till the brewing of coffee. The coffee beans are also roasted by themselves and the roasted beans is also available for sales. This let the customers to buy the beans home for drinking at home. The café may look a little old but the interior of the café feels easy and comfortable and there is the scent of coffee brushing through your nose. At Coffee Affairs, the also provide various delicious western food and desserts.

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