Awesome Dessert Places to Check-in Penang, from Ice Creams to Macarons, Find your Favorites Here!
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Dessert hunting? Never miss Penang out! Penang is such a food heaven to many food lovers and the desserts are also one of the magnets to the food lovers. Those cute looking and delicious desserts is so attractive and mouthwatering! Oh my, I am falling in love with those desserts!

1. Merry Me (formerly known as Ice Estate)

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Did a cool breeze ruffled through? It’s the ice cream! The signatures of Merry Me are their liquid nitrogen ice cream. The shop is made up of two floors which the first floor is mostly single seats and the second floor has more seats. The second floor is designed with English style; it is very insta-worthy. The liquid nitrogen ice cream here can be mixed with different fruits like mango, passionfruit, banana and strawberry. A must to consider when it is such a hot weather nowadays!

Creameal produces natural homemade ice-cream, no artificial colour added. They have many different flavours like the Thai Milk Tea,Roasted Black Sesame,Banananuts and Earl Grey Lavender that many other ice cream shops does not have. They often produce new flavours to prevent their customers from being bored and the ice cream here can be eaten on its own or with waffle! So, it is time to go try it out before you miss any flavour!

Some of the ingredients used by Rabbit Softserve are from Italy while the milk is from Australia. Their softserve have three types like Cement, Cement Construction and Cement & Timber. Some of their bestsellers are like the Blue Vanilla with Sea Salt and Charcoal Black Sesame Cement Series. The softserve are smooth, creamy and refreshing, it is so hard to stop once start eating! Rabbit Softserve also often produce new flavour at a limited time! Follow them to check their latest flavour and go before it is too late!

It is impossible to miss out the chocolates in the dessert list. Penang is also a heaven to the chocoholics and we have the Salon du Chocolate! The desserts in here are in four types: Waffle, Crepe、Pancake and Dip Sticks; they are either filled or dressed with chocolate. Strong scent of the chocolate would be brushing by your nose once you entered the shop, feeling so delighted and happy while having them!

Ever wondered how the little hut in the fairytale looks like? Pay a visit to the French Crepe House, Crepe Cottage. Try out some of their recommended dessert like the Strawberry Row, a piece of butter on the warm Crepe with slices of Strawberries, which blends in the taste of sweet and sour. This dessert is very insta-worthy as it is very colourful and eye-attractive.

If you are a chocoholic, it is a must to not miss Chocolate Passion! The chocolate sold here is a handmade, they are delicate and fine. The strongly recommended is the chocolate bomb, the look itself is already attractive enough and yet it is very delicious. The Chocolate Sphere would melt when the hot chocolate sauce is poured on it, there is an ice cream inside the ball and there are fruits served for dipping the chocolate. There is also chocolate pasta, sounds new, would you try it?

Waffles and ice creams works well together, do come over to Fourspoons Dessert Café to try the combination out. They have two types of ice cream which is the Homemade Soft Serve Ice Cream和Premium Ice Cream, both at a different taste. Softserve is much smooth and the recommended flavour is the Matcha and black sesame. Combining the ice cream with the crispy waffle out, it is so mouthwatering.

The signatures at La Vanille are their cupcakes and macaroon, the environment of the shop is very comfortable, very suitable for besties or family gathering to have tea. For sure many of you may like the Chocolate Sizzling Brownie and at here they have the Green Tea Sizzling Brownie instead, greatly recommended to try something new! Calling to desserts and pastry lovers, don’t miss La Vanille out!

Waffle-lovers? Brown Pocket Café is where you need to go! There are many delicious food over here also which have attracted many customers. Their signature is The Signature Triple Chocolate Liege Waffle which consists of three types of chocolate which is the White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. It is with the ice cream, waffles and some other ingredients, tasting out the hot and cold. What an enjoyable feeling!

Métisser Pâtisserie & Tea Room is an ideal place for tea time. The tea here is from Harney & Son, an American brand, which there are many types of different tea. The desserts here are the best partner to the tea and they are very delicate and delicious. This is very instaworthy as the interior is very elegant and quiet. You can try out the Three-Tier Petit Four Stand which give you an experience of how the noble family have their tea time.
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