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Level1 2012-10-27
It is said that this satay restaurant had open for 30 years...pfffttt...I don't think that's true and it's just some 'allurment' to fool people to think that it's a really great restaurant since it already operated for so long...So...me and my family decide to try this restaurant than go to our regular satay restaurant location(Restaurant Sate Kajang Haji Samuri).I really regret coming here...The price are not worth it for such small portion of gravy(kuah)...that's the essential...the size of it is similar to a small bowl(imagine a soy sauce small bowl but bigger width)...The bos of the restaurant are really really rude...She didn't have the etiquette of a waitress/ owner of a restaurant treating a customer...That's really important to me...In my opinion, the way a person treat their customer already shows how their food taste like and there's no taste at all when I try their satay...Weelllllllllll...that's my opinion...I just want to tell someone what I had experience and hopefully no one go through the same situation as I am.... continue reading
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