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Level3 2015-08-23
In Negeri Sembilan, there are only some quite numbers of Nasi Arab restaurant. However, in my personal opinion, I think Nasi Arab Damsyik is the best so far I ever tasted.They are shorts in selection of food, but all the meals are quite decent. The Nasi Arab is always the top choice in the restaurant. The rice is soft. The lamb and chicken are also soft and tendered. I recommend that if you are coming woth you family, order different meals and you can share with one another.I love the hot mint tea, it tastes are refreshing and delicious compared to the iced one.The condition is quite peacefull, service are very fast. The place is clean, the staff are also very friendly!The price are also not too high. You can enjoy a plate of lamb mandy at only RM17. That price is cheaper than the other restaurant I went to before.Unfortunately, to get here, you need cash as there are no credit card machine provided.Happy eating !  continue reading
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