Seremban 2's Best Cafe to Chill Out This Weekend!
Seremban 2, Seremban Uptown Avenue, Seremban Cafes, Cakes, Coffee, Negeri Sembilan
Been wondering what can you do when you’re somewhere near Seremban? Known for many great food like Hakka noodles, Dim Sum, Diamond Chicken Rice and more, have you thought of looking for cafes there? More cafes began to sprout at Seremban 2 Uptown Avenue, come over here to enjoy you cup of coffee, tea, scrumptious food and desserts!

1. Bros Café

Bros Café, Seremban 2, Seremban Uptown Avenue, Seremban Cafes
A Korean café here that is cosy and nicely decorated, they serve coffee, cakes and even bingsu! This café is operated by the Koreans; therefore they are as authentic as you know! Friendly Korean staffs, enjoy your time here with your friends or date as the ambience is really good for you to enjoy your time here!

2. The Big Mouth Café

Located at Seremban 2 Uptown Avenue, you will sure to easily spot their signage! Vintage looking interior, this café sells western food. A relaxing place to be, enjoy your meals here especially they are famous for the charcoal burger and the patty is good too!

3. Coffee and Dreams

Love to have a cup of coffee? This place is it. Minimalist decoration inside, it makes it a good place to enjoy your time there. Their breakfast platter will sure to satisfy your breakfast cravings. Do get your caffeine fix here too! Not just that, they do have mille crepe cakes, waffles and many more dessert you can get here.

4. The Coffeeholic

The Coffeeholic, Seremban 2, Seremban Uptown Avenue, Seremban Cafes
Photo credit to:The Coffeeholic Facebook
Aha! Not just one café there, but here comes another place for coffee! The Coffeeholic café makes it a nice place to gather around with your friends and enjoy talks here too. Known for their rainbow cake, waffle and thick toast, the aroma of the coffee will awake your senses there too!

5. Just Koffea

Just Koffea, Seremban 2, Seremban Uptown Avenue, Seremban Cafes
Photo credit to:Just Koffea Facebook
That’s a cute café you need to visit! Having a bear on their signage, you get to hug bear plushies inside too! Plus they are usually crowded, come here to enjoy cakes, desserts, coffee and fruit teas too. Besides they do have delicious main meals like the famus charcoal burger (Beary Bite), IBC Waffle (with ice cream, red bean, sweet corn and Gula Melaka syrup), Signature Grilled Chicken and more! They do accept events and parties too!

6. La Roasteria Coffee

Feeling tired and love to look for a place to sit back and relax? The ambience here would be much better for a relaxing and cozy slow talks and meet ups, It is located near the Seremban market, come here and stop by for aromatic coffee, sandwiches, pastas or even cakes to pair with your beverages!

7. OMgii Coffee House

Cotton candy coffee? Yes! They have it here too! Not only the famous cotton candy coffee, go for their cute 3D coffee art and other drawings as they have many designs that will sure to surprise and delight your day! From cute drawings to colorful 3D foam coffee art, this would be so picturesque. Of course, if you’re hungry, they do have main meals to enjoy too!

8. The Muffin House

Looking for a place to enjoy your own sweet time with no disturbance? Then head to Seremban town area and come to The Muffin House! Still new in this neighborhood, they do have all day breakfast platter too! From pizzas to pastas, they do have milkshakes too! Isn’t that great?

9. The Coffee Parlour

What’s better than enjoying scrumptious food and your time at a place that caters their best effort in creating fresh homemade food for you daily? Come to The Coffee Parlour and you’ll get what we mean! This round, they have created a new frappe of Cendol Frappe! Not only that, you’ll be amazed on their food creativity as they have croissant with ice creams and toppings and the famous Secret Garden cake too!

10. N9 Stick Factory

N9 Stick Factory is the first container café at Seremban that specially sells food on skewers! Great environment and ambience here, they do have satay celup too! Besides their seafood skewers are fresh and they have more than 50 choices to choose from! Usually quite packed at night, this place suits to enjoy good food and great company along! Come here and satiate your appetite!
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