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Level4 2013-12-16
Wilson chicken rice is probably one of the oldest chicken rice shop that has branches all over Melaka since a very long time ago. Having the reputation of being the state that sells awesome chicken rice, this surely put some pressure on the business owners of chicken rice shop/ stalls. Having said that, the Wilson Chicken rice doesn't seemed to have been challenged by this. Not the way that I see it at least. With so many other good chicken rice stalls/shops around Melaka, they survived all these years with very low standard of chicken rice. The rice was dry and the aroma was so silent I could barely taste anything.Good thing for the chicken which thankfully speaks loud enough to salvage the lack of taste in the rice. But having said that, the chicken weren't any bit impressive as well. They were palatable but not great, I really don't recommend this, unless there is one next to your house within walking distance and if you must have chicken rice that day. continue reading
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