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Level4 2013-09-12
Baboon House freezes time and allows the calm and quaint surrounding to engage dinners with serene and lots of greens and natural sunlight. Upon entering the narrow façade, this restored heritage is not only arty and filled with serenity but at the same time mesmerizing visitors through a time tunnel tracking back to the heritage of this building from its décor. Sit back and venture great gastronomical contentment with some furry friends roaming freely around the open space.Carefully indulge in every piece of decorative item in this art gallery while embracing the fabulous and almost natural elements along the way. The tranquility is the relaxing diversity when you experience beautiful natural lights as well as water tanks with fishes swimming freely in it.The only thing tempering my focus at the ambiance was my hunger. Looking at the menu, their best are the gourmet burgers. It was certainly not the best I’ve had but I vouched this as the best in Malacca. It is no doubt that this place ranks #1 on tripadvisor for the entire package prevails to be on top in virtual and spiritual satisfaction of both gastronomic and sight.The Oriental Chicken Burger (RM 13.80) was carefully prepared and stacked with fine qualities of ingredients, and served with some wedges, and onion rings at the side. I absolutely love the thought of diverse choices instead of the usual wedges or fries options. Baking their own buns, they have one of the best burger buns I’ve had in my gourmet burger voyages so far.The patty was relevantly good in texture but the use of good and fresh ingredients prepared upon ordering is worth admiration. The freshly cut slices of cucumber and tomato is a very touching gesture. They might not have prepared their sauce right from scratch but the right ratio of sauce in it made the burger divine.Wedges are seriously good when I had mine. It was almost the best wedges I have ever had, but the onion ring really needs drastic improvisation. It was soft, slightly mushy and not very attractive looking even though the prices for the burger range are unbelievably reasonable.The Baboon Green Salad is yet another ambrosial indulgence sinfully topped with streaks of pork bacon and chicken pop corn. With options to include feta cheese (RM 16) or without feta cheese for those selective on cheeses (RM 13.50). Alas, it was out of feta cheese when I visit.I solemnly swear that I would prefer no one picking anything from my plate if I’m ordering this for solo consumption. It was sinfully amazing and pork lovers would go berserk over this plate of salad. I should confess that I would greedily and selfishly want to whack it all by myself and not sharing this with anyone. And to be very honest, there were more meats than vegetables in it. So note to vege lovers, the plants are mostly just simple cucumber and tomato so the rich poultry is solely the pull factor in this one. Tossed with vinaigrette dressing and accompanied by simple toasted bread slice, the serving portion for this one was rather generous.The Lemonade was indeed perfect in every way including the serving size. The solid ingredient for lemonade was generously permeated into this glass of solution to thirst. It was absolutely perfect during mid day.Coffee range appeared sufficiently satisfying when it comes to the choices and varieties offered. Alas, my usual tea didn’t appeal to be extravagant, instead just ordinarily decent while showcasing our Cameron Highland tea bags.The hot tea and coffee uniquely comes with a piece of Klassiske Vaniljekranse (Danish butter cookies) which I doubt is baked by them. Nevertheless it is still a novelty combination amongst most cafes.Believe me when I vouched this as a must visit place in Melaka. The food is decent; burgers are the best in town, ample extent of coffee choices, and most importantly amazing tranquility from the surrounding. On weekends, aroma of freshly baked on the spot muffins waft in the entire café and would be one amazing experience. Should anyone is interested with the ambiance of this beautiful gallery café; feel free to browse through the internet as there are many which showcased many angles and corners in this café.Note that this gallery café strictly prohibits photography but is nice enough to still allow visitors taking pictures with them in it of course. Photos taken with no permission are no different from act of stealing and hence I must proclaim that all photos in this post are taken with consent from Roger Soong (the owner) and I hereby thank him for the warm hospitality from his café. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-17
The Baboon House 的外观看起来会让人觉得是一家卖艺术画的画廊, 其实很多人都不知道画廊后面还有一个世外桃源。说到世外桃源当然是很很舒适也很凉爽, 后院有着满满的植物,是坐着享受下午茶的好地方。 他们家的汉堡有嚼劲而且很新鲜,面包也很松软, 价钱还蛮合理。 continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-27
这店的名字真的是太可爱了 - 狒狒屋。这店的设计很有异国风味的感觉,我喜欢这样的设计。这里最出名的应该是他们家的牛肉汉堡。牛肉是肉类最好吃的肉。所以只要处理得好,那道菜一定很好吃。这牛肉汉堡很特别,有芥末的搭配。虽然很特别,但是真的很好吃!! continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-02
日式烧烤猪排汉堡,我一向都挺喜欢日式烧烤酱的味道,因为带少少甜味。在马来西亚很少机会能够吃得到猪肉汉堡,所以来到这里你绝对不能错过噢。这一份烤得香喷喷的日式烧烤猪排,加上生菜,番茄和放在自制的面包里面简直就是美味无比。 continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-19
Baboon house的构造非常的长,分前段,中段和尾段。三个不同的段落都有着不同设计的风格。在选择位子之前可以自己走走看看。最后段的是户外的呢。这里卖的全是面包汉堡。可是选择还蛮多的。他们的牛肉汉堡非常的多汁美味。还付有potato wedges和沙拉。分量非常大。 continue reading
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