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Level1 2014-03-17
It was years ago when we last visited Malacca.The memory was still fresh with their warm Japanese hospitality & the taste of the food still lingered on...I remembered very vividly that they had a drum at the restaurant's entrance. The staff would gave three strikes to announce every guest's arrival & shouts of "Irasshaimase!" would echoed throughout the restaurant from every staff. I was shocked & very much embarrassed at first, but later found it to be amusing & even fascinating!This time, there were no more shouts...A warm hue still filled the restaurant, soothing away every fatigued muscle from the tired shoppers. Smiles could still be spotted on the faces throughout the restaurant. A service staff brought us cups of hot green tea as soon as we were seated. The atmosphere was calm & relaxing, as if we were being served by friends.Hubby ordered Char Siew Ramen while I ordered a Salmon Bento.The Char Siew had an acquired taste...but he finished it nonetheless.We were just not wasteful by nature.My Salmon Bento, on the other hand...was very elaborative. It was filled with Pan Seared Salmon, Teriyaki Chicken, Yasai Kakiage, Age Tofu, Takuan, Wakame & not forgetting a small bowl of Miso Soup, Rice & the Tempura dipping sauce. Each nicely nestled in their little compartments.I was lost for choices to start my first bite!As usual, I started my course by drinking up the Miso soup (directly from the bowl).This would open up my tastebuds & wake up my senses...The skin of the Pan Seared Salmon was crispy while the lightly salted fish was moist & flaky. I was pleasantly surprised with the freshness. Yummy!Teriyaki Chicken had always been my favorite as it was the first dish that got me started with eating Japanese food. Drizzles of thick Teriyaki sauce did not overpower the natural sweetness of the juicy meat & the nicely browned skin. Mmm...Yasai Kakiage was crispy & you can taste a subtle hint of ginger in the dipping sauce. Hmm...very thoughtful...The soft, silky Age Tofu had soaked up the light sauce, making them very juicy!Takuan & Wakame was cruchy & tasted just right while the rice was soft & fluffy.Everything was perfect!Verdict: It was a great pleasure to dine here & we had a relaxing time enjoying the hot green tea that was constantly being refilled by the attentive service staff.Simply memorable! continue reading
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