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Level3 2016-06-22
Heng Long Taiwan Mee, located at Gajah Berang near Catholic High School, serves the best pork chop noodle and beef noodle in town.This coffee shop has more than 40 years of history, they draws local patrons as well as tourists everyday to try out their noodles. Even the taukeh boss is 84 years old but he still be at the shop everyday to manage the business and guide his workers.The shop is not that spacious and it consists of limited tables, be sure to come earlier because you might have to wait for empty tables during lunch hour, even on weekdays.You can get a bowl of small size pork chop noodle at RM5, comes with deep fried pork chop with spring onions sprinkle on top. Their noodle is one of the best noodles I've ever tasted, it looks like flat pan mee, but way more silkier than pan mee, you can just slurp your noodle and eat, the texture is so good and sprincy.I like to soak the fried pork chops into the noodle sauce for them to absorb the taste of the sauce, though it becomes not that crispy but it tastes super juicy and succulent, the meat is tender and the juice keep oozing out in your mouth.Their home-recipe chili sauce is also their highlight, it's so aromatic with a mild spiciness, it spices up your meal as well as your appetize.Besides pork chop noodle, they serve spciy beef noodle and pork trotter noodle as well. You can also opt for their side dishes such as fried pork chop, salted vegetables and pork trotter. continue reading
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