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Signature Dishes
Ayam Buah Keluak Ayam Pongteh Sambal Jantung Pisang Sambal Petai Udang
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Level2 2018-01-02
http://www.umakemehungry.com/2018/01/amy-heritage-nyonya-cuisine.htmlFinally, we had visited Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine before leaving Melaka. This is one of the popular Nyonya Food that have good feedbacks on the media. It is Halal and just as what was written by everyone, reservation in advance is needed. Being walk-in customers, we were only offered one of the outdoors tables out of the two, non-airconditioned by there was a ceiling fan. As we settled down on the outside seats, the servers were quick to service. Service was friendly and efficient when handling their menu as soon as we sat down.We flipped through the menu and notice that there were only medium and large portions. As the dishes does not contain pork and lard, it is suitable for Muslim's consumption. The crispy top hat with shredded turnip filling and served with chilli sauce. Glad that it was not too oily. Each Was looking forward for a bowl of Duck Soup with Salted vegetable and sour plum but it was not available, thus we order their recommended Hee Peow Soup. It is noted as "Nyonya Wedding Soup" with dried fish bladder , quail eggs, fish ball and vegetable. The Nyonya style mixed vegetables was indeed tasty with carrots, black fungus and cabbages.. Ayam Pongteh is a classic chicken stew with soya bean paste, chinese mushroom and potatoes. The portion was generously served with couple of chicken drum sticks and delicious. I love its gravy and perfect to go on our plates of fragrant white rice. Amy's serving of rice was quite different from the rest of the Nyonya Shops we went in Melaka. Rice was kept in a traditional old hand held basket. As the basket was quite big and space was rather limited at the outside seats, the servers placed the basket using another table. Our finisher for the Nyonya feast was non other than the MUST HAVE dessert, Cendol. The green jelly has a soft texture soaked in gula melaka and coconut milk. Amy Heritage indeed has a given a homely taste to all the dishes. Coming to its portion where minimum order is medium, its not recommended for small group to dine. In addition to things to take note, do make advance booking to avoid disappointment. continue reading
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Level1 2016-12-07
早前到馬六甲旅遊,遊完船河後在飲椰青水的店子偶然遇到了一位會講廣東話的華人羅Loh先生,順道向他問了點兒路,他很好人,又用地圖,又上網教我們怎樣走。因時間關係,我們沒去原先想去的地方,改了去坐觀光塔。相隔差不多有一小時後,有點開始下雨了,我們在避雨的地方又碰上他,於是又順道問他有什麼地道菜介紹。他問我們吃過了娘惹菜沒有,他就介紹了我們去。我們按他的指示,再用google map 幫手,找到了,真的👍好介紹。店內座無虛席。友人和我都不能吃得太辣,也就都選了些少辣或不辣的菜式試試。這頓飯,两人消費共約港幣102,真的很化算,但最重要的是很好味道。日後有機會再到馬六甲時,希會再遇到羅先生,也會再到這飯店。荔枝冰,另外一杯是友人的,已忘了名字但都很好味。那小點可點一個,先試試,裡面都好像是一些切了絲的葛,還帶點爽口,很好味。這特色飯,很香這麵一般。這是雜菜海鮮,汁帶點辣和濃濃的椰香,友人比我較吃得辣,她讚口不絕,所以我便全權交給她吃主吃掉了這是雞,雞肉很嫩,味道好捧落單時也要了两款馬六甲的特色甜品,但可惜轉頭侍應回來告知已沽清了,希望下次可以吃到 continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-24
We have our dinner here for Nyonya cuisine! We have ordered many foods to serve around 10 of us. Vegetable Kang Kong, fried egg, assam fish, curry chicken, fried prawn noodle, mushroom chicken! A basket of rice is ready served all of us!! Very yummy dishes over here!! We enjoy this moment very much with great food!We have ordered the special pink color nyonya dessert, hmm..taste ok! However, another ice kacang with gula melaka that is awesome!! Love it!! continue reading
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Mami brought us to her new found love during one of my trip back to Melaka *points up*. apparently she enjoyed the food berry muchy that she just had to share the happiness with the family.Amy Koh, the proprietor of this nyonya restaurant, is a Malaccan Nyonya (duh!) who have inherited the cooking skills from her great grandparents, grandparents and parents. she only started this business upon retirement as a dental nurse.the interior is simple and minimal. this shot was taken right before we left, 2ishpm, time for them to have a break before the business resumes at 6pm, hence the emptiness.paper cutting and framed awards on the wall. she was even invited by United Nations (!!!) as a guest cook for the Malaysian Food Festival few years back.the expectation was certainly set sky high. the food better be good wei!rice served in this thingamajig basket. guys, rice is free flow, my dad and uncle were delighted!Bendi Kukussteamed lady’s fingers topped with fried shrimp sambal. berry refreshing.Ikan Asam Rebusthe dish goes so well with rice. all of us drenched our rice with its broth. hmmmmSambal Jantung Pisangthis appetizer, banana blossom salad with spicy coconut cream dressing, is indeed appetizing!i went home with a bloated stomach and a satisfied smile on my face. if there’s only one nyonya rstaurant you would want to visit when you stop by Melaka, make sure you have this one on your priority list! reservation is highly recommended!http://constance-ant.com/2012/05/lunchy-amy-heritage-nyonya-cuisine-melaka-raya/ continue reading
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