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Level4 2013-09-29
I have mentioned this before that Melaka is a very small town with all the friendly and nicest people you will ever meet. The good food in Melaka is almost everywhere in every corner of very back alley and street you can ever explore. Having said this, the younger generations somehow prefers having fast food every now and then, probably due to the accessibility, the ambience that is suitable for family leisure and a great place to hang with school mates and fellow friends. One thing for sure, they all make sufficiently good landmarks whenever giving out any directions or looking for one. I have said that about the Ayer Keroh Kentucky Fried Chicken drive through is one of which that is awesome when it comes to being a landmark and good place to hang. One that shares a roof with pizza hut restaurant, this drive through is hard to be missed by any passerby along the road. Located along the main road from ayer keroh, the drive through also operates 24 hours a day, making them one of the few in the state to operate all day and night long. Another 24 hours operating outlet would be the outlet within the overbridge along the north south highway. Apart from drivers, the locals living around that neighbourhood visits this outlet often enough to keep it sustaining.Their usual signature dishes are always consistently good but having said that, it really also depends on the particular outlet. This one here manage to deliver decent and good mashed potato and coleslaw. The spicy chicken wing on the other hand was horrible and I highly suspect it was re fried twice at least. The chicken was really dry and bland while the batter was disappointingly boring and dull. Not to mention the chicken really didn't taste any bit fresh at all. continue reading
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