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Level3 2016-05-25
Restaurant Zhing Kee, located at Taman Bukit Melaka Bukit Beruang, a restaurant that draws huge crowd of local patrons regardless students or office workers to queue up for their signature roasted duck rice.This restaurant has the best roasted duck rice that you shouldn’t miss. Everyday even before lunch hour, this place has already flooded by customers who come over for their roasted duck, char siew or siew yok. Do come early because their signature dishes will be sold out pretty fast.Roasted duck rice comes with generous amount slices of roasted duck, cucumber slices, black soy sauce and their special chilies dressing. Of course, you can request for different part of the duck according to your liking, different part comes at different pricing.Their roasted duck has really crispy outer skin; the meat is super tender and succulent. I’m sure it will steal your heart away at its first bite. The juicy meat absorbs the fragrance of the herbs during roasting, it then literally burst in your mouth and the taste would linger in your mouth. It’s perfectly roasted and surprisingly the meat doesn’t dry up at all after being roasted.Their special chilies dressing is a plus point as well. It’s a mixture of chilies and some herbs; it adds a mild spiciness to the steamed white rice and roasted duck. So far this is the best duck rice that I’ve ever tasted, and I’m not even exaggerating.Even though we take away the rice but the taste doesn’t being affected at all. Pictures and words does not do it justice, do head over and try it yourself! continue reading
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