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Roti Arab Kaliph Kebab
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Level2 2015-10-30
While I was visiting my sister in Melaka, I told her I was craving for some Arabic food. This was the time when I was caught up in the Arabic food fever. All my life I had been a person that hates rice that were cooked with spices. But two weeks before that night I had first tasted Nasi Arab and it was like riding on a rainbow. I never thought it could be that delicious. So for the rest of the two weeks I’ve been going places to taste other Arabic food on the menu.That night we drive off to Bukit Beruang for a quick detour of take away food before reaching home. She brought me to the famous Dima Restaurant, a restaurant that serves perfect Arabic food for people who are a novice like me.But sadly luck was not by my side that night. We didn’t have time for a dine-in or even a long time to spare. On the outside threshold of Dima Restaurant, there’s a small booth of Arabic food stall, the also famous Kaliph Kebab.Kaliph Kebab is also an Arabic food franchisee. The main restaurant was located in Shah Alam. But here at Bukit Beruang, they only have a small booth stall to taste the market before opening a new restaurant there.Me being appreciating what food I had, I ordered 4 different kebab to be take away and savor at home. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Kebab, Grilled Beef Kebab, Chicken Shawarma and Kebab Sandwich. We drove hurriedly and I’ve been hugging the kebabs to keep it warm and hot.At home, together with my brother in law, we swallowed every bit of the kebabs like there’s no tomorrow. It was delicious. It was marvelous and it was not enough. How I wished I would have ordered more. The chicken were marinated with the best of spices and it was marinated evenly. The lettuce were fresh and it give the kebab an amazing texture and crunchiness. The wrap or the ‘pita” was actually not dry! I’ve eaten kebabs before and sometimes the shop gives a hard and dried wrap. But not this shop.I would ABSOLUTELY SURELY DEFFINITELY would come to the franchise in Shah Alam. Just you wait. continue reading
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