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Level3 2016-05-03
Tired of all the café food and looking for some delicious authentic street food? I’ve some good news for you!Hidden amongst the shop houses besides the road, Restaurant Chiak Song doesn’t have obvious signboard or fancy decorations which will attract you at the first sight, but you really shouldn’t overlook the delicacies served by them.Restaurant Chiak Song is a kopitiam located at Taman Merdeka ( near pasar borong), selling all kinds of scrumptious Chinese street food at affordable price. Something that took me by surprise is, they have Chinese chef and Malay chef work together under one roof, serving you food such as cockles(siham), lala beehon, Goh Hiong ( fried fish ball and bean curd pocket a.k.a taukey or fuchok), satay and etc.Siham is the dish that attracts me the most. Even though the sizes of the siham are tiny but the sweetness has won my heart. You don’t have to worry about the fishy taste as they boil the siham just right, not too raw and yet keeping the flavor of them.I’m always looking forward to taste the sauce whenever I’m having siham, if the sauce is not good enough it might ruin the dish. Their sauce didn’t fail to meet my expectation, if you’re afraid of the fishy taste of siham, dip them into their home-recipe sauce with some chopped peanut sprinkle on the top, and you’re good to go!Lala beehon is one of the highlight; from the picture, you’ll be able to notice that the ratio of lala to beehon is like 1:1, the beehon came with a generous amout of Lala! The springy beehon absorbs the freshness of the lala and you can’t stop after having the first mouth.Deep-fried squid is crispy outside and chewy inside, if you are craving for something to munch on then you should go for this!Their Goh Hiong is the combination of fish paste, fried bean curd pocket, cucumber slices and pineapple slices. Drizzle in sweet sauce with sesame sprinkle on top. Came in small, medium and large size.Okra, seems like the simplest ingredient, but when they are served with soy sauce, sesame and fried shallots, you will be surprised by how unique the sensation is! I really love the crunchiness of the okra!For drinks, you might want to try their tong shui, cooked together with snow fungus, longan and red dates, it is much needed in this crazy weather to quench your thirst.One of the downside would be the slow service due to shortage of helpers. However, good foods worth the wait! If you are craving for some local street food, do head over to Restaurant Chiak Song and enjoy your seafood spread! continue reading
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