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Level2 2016-01-31
Obviously, I only go to this kind of cafe when I was invited by my friend  or else I wouldn't bother to go and try (LOL) My high school friend recomemnded us here because she said that she's craving for its mashed potato. I was like okay, what is so great about the mashed potato? (yeah me, cruel ain't I?)So when I first arrived, I was pretty impressed with the interior and it was pretty easy to be spotted because it is located right the end lot and since I came at the non-peak hour, parking wasn't an issue. But I must acknowlegde of some hassle during peak hour esp lunch because it sort of consist of some business premises in the same shop lot? (Ya know, just my two cents)Anyhow, the menu looks good and promising so I go for the chicken chop (most common food I could have ever think or even wish for ) While waiting for the food to come, my friend and I simply chat about life and trends and all, you know we were kinda immerse into the calm and private ambiance offered by the cafe (or maybe because that was the off peak hour?) Overall, the food were pretty good, satisfying portion and facilitates us best (especially the ambiance and interior). I really like it that we can simply chat for as long as we wanted without disturbing other's privacy, well of course I believe we couldn't really chill there long during peak hour, so avoid peak hour peeps!  continue reading
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