9 Must-Visit Restaurants in Evolve Concept Mall @ Ara Damansara
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Ara Damansara is one of the many places foodies go for food hunting, and Evolve Concept Mall should never be missed, as it is a food paradise for food enthusiasts! Ranging from Japanese to German, Hong Kong and local cuisines, there are a plethora of delectable for you to choose from, but where should you start? No worries, OpenRice has got your back. We’ve listed 9 most recommended restaurants below to get you started. So hold on to your seats as we will take your taste buds on a journey to explore the hidden gems amongst the treasure trove that is Evolve Concept Mall: (The restaurants below are listed in no particular order.)

1. Shitamachi Tendon Akemitsu

The name Shitamachi Tendon Akemitsu is synonymous with mouth-watering scrumptious Tendon (tempura donburi) in Japan. Their authentic Tempura will make you crave for more when you are done with your first plate as they are crispy and light, bathed in delicious tendon dressing. With 127 years of history and having won the No.1 title in Japan – they opened their first Malaysian branch at Evolve Concept Mall.

2. Daan Daan

If you love eggettes as much as we do, then you should never miss Daan Daan. Over here, you will find the most authentic taste of Hong Kong as the owner of Daan Daan is originated from Hong Kong. Eggettes and waffles are Daan Daan’s specialty, but don’t forget to taste their authentic Hong Kong milk tea and Chinese almond tea as well! Made from almonds and egg whites, the smooth textured almond tea is as exactly as what you will get in Hong Kong. Enjoy the yummy beverages with crispy-fluffy eggettes to create a wonderful afternoon tea combo!

3. Dark & Twisted

Something different in town! Dark & Twisted is a restaurant that specializes in South American, African and Australian cuisines. All-Day Breakfast is served here, and you will definitely love ‘Eggs in Hell’ – eggs cooked in sweet tomato puree topped with Feta Cheese accompanied by buttered toasts – a great way to kick start the day. Furthermore, their signature Baked Salmon Fillet with crispy skin is a must-try too. Finish off your feast with a hearty Tropical Fruit Parfait that contains fruits, nuts, grains and yoghurt – it’s healthy and oh so delicious!

4. Am Sande Cafe

Am Sande is a restaurant that serves German delights. The most popular dish here would be the Roasted Half Chicken accompanied by coleslaw and fries. Marinated with German spices, the roasted chicken is not only flavourful but also juicy and fork tender. Moreover, there are selections of pastas and burgers too. Their signature white coffee is a must-have as it is their very own secret recipe that is not found elsewhere, so be sure not to miss it!

5.Ten Years Restaurant

Craving for some local delights? Here’s the place! Ten Years Restaurant has gathered all the popular eats from different states so you don’t have to suffer long-distance travel for good food anymore. Few of the must-haves here are Nasi Kerabu from Kelantan, Tiger Char Kuey Teow from Penang, Nancy Nyonya Laksa from Malacca and Kak Tum Nasing Kuning from Tawau. Do you know that the right way to enjoy Nasi Kerabu is to mix the blue rice with all the raw veggies together? It is fine if you got it wrong previously, come to Ten Years Restaurant and do it right for the first time!

6. Peninsula Chinese Cuisine

Located at level 3, Peninsula Chinese Cuisine is a beautifully decorated restaurant specializing in luxurious Chinese cuisines. The most recommended dish here would be the signature Braised Pork Ribs. The fall-off the bone ribs are rich in flavours as they are braised with ingredients such as dried shrimps, dried scallops and dried cuttlefish. The Chili Crab is another recommended dish here. Dip the fresh and tender crab meat into the sweet and spicy gravy before consuming it, you will get hooked by its awesome taste immediately!

7. Sushi Q

If you want something quick but filling, Sushi Q is the place. Sushi Q is a sushi bar that allows both dine-in and takeaway. The sushi selections here might not be as plentiful as other Japanese restaurants, but they have some really special sushi flavours here, like the Mango Lobster Maki that uses sliced mango as the sushi outer wrap, adding a delightful sweet touch to the savoury sushi. Besides sushi, Sushi Q also serves Donburi, ramen and cold noodle. Delicious and affordably priced, visit Sushi Q to get your sushi cravings satisfied today!

8. AK Noodles

AK Noodle is originated from Johor Bahru and specialized in fish paste dishes, fish balls, fish cakes and prawn cakes. The deep fried fish cakes and prawn cakes are fresh, crispy and chewy. You can toss the yummy fish paste ingredients with noodles in either the clear soup or the fiery spicy curry soup for a filling and satisfying meal! They also serve Yong Tau Fu as well, try them out if you haven’t yet today!

9. Teh Tarik Place

Great environment, affordable pricing and authentic taste – Teh Tarik Place is the place where you get to enjoy all these factors at once. Of course you can’t miss the Teh Tarik here, as the restaurant’s name has already hinted that it is a must have. A variety of local food including Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Mee Goreng and Asam Laksa are served here. The menu is completely localized, so if you’re a local food mania, you would definitely love to have a wonderful meal here in Teh Tarik Place.
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