10 Perfect Must Try Food at Melaka Raya!
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Melaka Raya is an area Melaka that is within walking distance of some major tourist attractions, including A’Famosa, Dataran Pahlawan Mall, Hatten Square, St. Paul’s hill and the Melaka State Museum, to name a few. It is well known for its mixture of Chinese, Peranakan and Western food. There are also plenty of hotels and inns in the area so you can find some of these restaurants just outside your doorstep! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Amigo

Amigo in Melaka Raya has a strange combination of menu items, namely western meat dishes with Japanese sushi, noodles and rice. However, it’s this unique combination that continues to attract customers in droves. We particularly recommend their sizzling fish with garlic sauce, washed down with a large mug of fresh juice. Alternatively, try their milkshakes which are thoroughly refreshing.

2. Aunty Fatso

This Chinese ‘tai chow’ or various wok fried dishes stall has been around for more than 10 years in Melaka Raya. Their signature dish is the cheese prawn bihun, which is surprisingly not too rich and just right. The gigantic prawns in this dish are bound to excite any seafood lover. Apart from that, they also serve fish, squid, crabs, clams and other seafood in various styles.

3. Cottage Spices

Located along the main road in Melaka Raya, you’re bound to spot this Nyonya restaurant easily. Here you’ll find hearty, home cooked Peranakan dishes like ayam pongteh, otak-otak, asam pedas fish and udang lemak nenas. Not to forget, the perennial favourite, cendol, this is a must after a tiring day of walking around.

4. D’ Tandoori House

If you suddenly find yourself in the mood for Indian food while on holiday in Melaka Raya, go no further as D’Tandoori serves authentic north Indian cuisine that is rich is flavour and spices. Their dishes are fresh from the tandoor like naans filled with various things. You’ll also find that the interior warm and inviting. If you’re in the mood for a cold dessert, try kulfi, a traditional Indian ice-cream

5. Ee Ji Ban

The best thing about Chinese restaurant in Melaka Raya is that its halal certified so you can enjoy it together with friends of various beliefs. They specialize in Melaka’s famous chicken rice balls and serve this with either roasted or steamed chicken. There are also many other dishes here like asam pedas, sambal seafood and stir fried veggies.

6. Nyonya Makko

Nyonya Makko is arguably Melaka Raya’s oldest and most well-known Nyonya restaurant, so much that you should be prepared to wait in line and sometimes share a table with other patrons. It gets very crowded on weekends and dinner time, so try and be patient. The food is worth the wait and their signature Chili fish is worth a try. Apart from that, their cencaluk omelette, pucuk paku sambal belacan, ayam pongteh and otak otak are also really delicious!

7. Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball

This Chinese restaurant is run by a family and really gives diners a homely feel. What make Heng so different from other chicken rice ball restaurants in Melaka Raya are their signature side dishes which are black bean soup, stir fried cabbage and Assam fish in a claypot. It’s really easy to order here as there are packages designed for groups of various sizes.

8. Odeon

Odeon is another family run business that specializes in western food. They were among the first to open up a western food shop in Melaka Raya. Nowadays, their menu has expanded to include many Chinese noodle and rice dishes, but their specialty remains their western options like chicken chop, fish and chips, western breakfast set and chicken drumstick in gravy. The fish and chips are especially unique as it is fried in an egg based batter which gives it a soft exterior.

9. Simply Fish

The first thing you notice when you enter Simply Fish is the blue light that floods the whole restaurant, giving you the feeling like you’re dining in the sea. This is because this restaurant specializes in fish and other seafood. We recommend you try everything, because they really put their heart and soul into every bite of every dish!

10. Sun Yew

Despite looking very humble, Sun Yew serves comforting milky fish paste noodles that really warms the heart and the stomach. This Chinese restaurant in Melaka Raya is ideal if it’s raining or you’re feeling homesick and just want a huge bowl of steaming hot soupy noodles filled with either giant prawns, fish paste, fish head, fish maw or many others. You get to pick what ingredients go into your soup, so start choosing and slurp away!

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