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Char Kuay Teow Curry Mee Prawn Mee Roasted Chicken Rice
Review (5)
Level4 2012-08-03
I always come to Restoran Yong Len for the famous Prawn Mee. Today i decided to try out the Fried Kueh Teow. They are always very busy frying non-stop especially during weekends.Fried Kueh Teow @ RM4.30It comes in a reasonable portion. Even before i start eating, i can smell the nice fragrance of it. As usual the ingredients of bean sprout, green chives, egg, prawns and cockles. Everything is fried fresh. The prawns are crunchy and cockles are fresh and juicy without any stint smell. One thing i notice about their fried kueh teow was the texture is quite dry which is not very oily. Enjoy it overall. continue reading
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Level3 2012-06-26
Everyone all time favourite, char siew & chicken rice. The rice is so fragrant till you can't resist to order another extra bowl of rice. The char siew gravy is so sweet and the char siew itself is tender and juicy. Don't have to tell you about the roasted chicken, well it's just roasted chicken. I would probably want to try their siew yoke instead next time. The portion is not big, so a man like me would probably want to opt to go for other stall available in this restaurant. For the price that you are paying, you would expect a bigger portion.Other choices like, Prawn mee, Yong Tau Foo, Wan Tan Mee is also a good option. OH! Last but not least, the kopi'O in this restaurant is so good that you will be awake for the second half of the day! continue reading
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Level2 2012-05-07
I'm always on the go and whenever i'm around in TTDI, this restaurant is always my choice to go as they have a wide variety of local stuff. The stall selling chicken rice in this restaurant was in business for more than 15 years.Was craving for roasted stuff that day and i ordered Chicken & Char Siew Rice. The portion was just nice for 1 person. The meat was ok but i personally love the char siew that comes with the gravy that was flavored with a bit of garlic . Served with blend chilli + garlic, makes the meal more tasty. Will definitely be back for more... Other great food available in this restaurant, Yong Tau foo, Prawn Mee, Char Kuey Teow & Wan Tan Mee. continue reading
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This is a restaurant where my family has been buying food from ever since I was born. Yes, literally, for more than 25 years the stall owners have much or less remained the same and they are like our next door neighbours. The place had a humble start and was not very famous back then, but still the food was great and we kept coming back even though we have shifted our house to a place that's quite far from here.Nowadays, Yong Len is absolutely packed throughout the mornings until the afternoon, especially the weekends. Many residents in Taman Tun eat their breakfast here after a morning walk at the nearby parks. And we can see why this is the case below...Fried Kueh Teow - Big: RM 5.00 / Small: RM4.30The Char Kuay Teow here is one of my favourites. You may need to wait a while for the food but I think it is worth it. The flavour is overall very balanced, not too oily, and you can especially taste all the ingredients that are freshly fried from the wok.Curry Mee - Big: RM6.00 / Small: RM5.00Yong Len's curry mee is my absolute favourite curry mee of all. The soup tastes great and I normally like to add all the chili and make it tastes even spicier. Although it may be pricey, but they do not skimp on the ingredients, therefore I would order curry mee 8 out of ten times when I come to Yong Len. The stall also sells Pork Noodle (Big: RM5.00 / Small: RM4.30) and Yee Mee (Big: RM6.00 / Small: RM 5.00)Prawn Mee - Big: RM5.00 / Small: RM4.30The prawn mee is also another highlight of Yong Len. It is quite famous and I do see many people order prawn mee. Personally, I prefer curry mee over prawn mee, but I also like this stall's prawn mee very much. My friend however mentioned that there is no hard boiled egg in the prawn mee, which still makes it "incomplete". Maybe it might be that they forgot to add, or it might be that the small portion doesn't include eggs. I'll be sure to ask next time we come back.Overall, Yong Len is a great place to take away food, and if you don't mind waiting for a table it is sure worth it to savor every dish the restaurant has to offer. continue reading
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