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Musang King Pie Passion Fruit Cake
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Level3 2016-06-01
The new spots show wasn't that obvious in sight but the interior and the lighting of the shop were pretty attractive. The environment is extremely tranquil and comfortable, definitely can brighten up your day or gives you a peaceful mind. The cakes and pies were supplied by the Humble Pie, one of my favourite place for desserts! The spaghetti aglio olio served was seriously tasty, with generous amount of condiments such as mushrooms and veggies. It was an complete hearty meal. Nonetheless, the fried chicken was rather less than my expectation as the fried chicken doesn't taste fresh, seems that it fried the chicken for few times or they over fried the chicken. It tasted and smells a bit rancid. The cakes I had was the honeycomb coffee cake. Besides having a little too much buttercream, the cake was quite cool. Anyhow, the menu takes smaller eaters into consideration, where they divide all food into regular portion and lite or small eater portion. I did thought that it's a smart move to reduce food wastage. continue reading
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Level3 2016-02-26
If you're wondering why is my title about transformation of an university. Stay with me as I'm going to give you a quick explanation.This place used to be my university, UTAR PJ Campus before our campus moves to Sungai Long. Coming back to this place, I thought of visiting how my old campus looks like. And I found this place.This restaurant, initially was my classroom. Seeing this drastic change, I am amazed:')Stepping into the restaurant, I love how the natural sunlights shine in the store. Giving it a bright atmosphere, just so relaxing. The simple decorations captured my eyes.Instead of looking at the menu, the first thing i did after walking in was exploring the corners of the restaurant and feeling amazed by the changes they have madeAs I was still quite full from my lunch an hour ago, I decided to order something light. I saw on the menu, garden salad. I asked the waitress what sauce or dressings are they using. I was surprised that later the chef came out and explained to me.I am so convinced after hearing what the dressings they're using.So I decided to order oneTadaa. There you go. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SALAD I HAD SO FAR. TILL NOW I'M CRAVING FOR THIS SALAD. I don't know if it's just me or how, but it's not too oily and that day I was so full that I feel everything going in my tummy feel nauseous. But this salad. IS SUCH AN APPETIZER! TOO GOODThis is the best Musang King Pie!SO GOOD I never expect the food here could be so good.Inititally judging them as only looking nice from the outside.But OH MY GOSH. the food taste awesome too!I lost my words at the moment. But this is just so good that durian-lovers must try!I'll be back!;) Cause I'm in love with this place continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)