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Ikan 3 Rasa Coconut Otak-Otak Fried Kailan with Salted Fish Kerabu Raw Prawns Lime Steamed Red Mullet Seafood Tomyam in Claypot
Review (4)
Level4 2015-12-14
It was an aunt's birthday that day and we were all craving for good thai food. Since we were around Kepong area, they decided to bring us to try this thai place which they gave quite good reviews of. I went with high hopes because Thai food is really my favourite. No thai food dinner is complete without ordering Tom Yum Soup and we got a pot of White Seafood tom yum to share. It was as expected and served in a claypot steaming hot. The soup was spicy with a nice touch of sourness. This was pretty good however slightly small portion wise as it only yielded about five bowls of soup at most. But the plus side however, the prawns and squid were very fresh so those added a nice sweetness to the soup. Instead of the usual mango salad that we'd get, my aunt suggested trying this pickled brinjal that comes with salted eggs. The idea of it was very unusual and when the dish arrived, I was quite put off by how anemic the vegetable looked. Although it did not taste bad and had the soury-spicy kick you would usually get from a mango salad, the spongy pickled brinjal was just not to my liking. Then because we were all craving for it, we got the steamed squid with garlic, lime and chilli sauce. This was amazing because it had everything that I like. The sauce is super spicy and sour which compliments the succulently sweet squid that was super fresh. I couldn't stop going back for more and more of the sauce that remained hot throughout because of the heat it sat on top of. But the squid never got super crunchy and overcooked which makes this dish the star of the night. Perfect.There was plenty more on the menu that looks amazing which we have yet to try. So we will most definitely be back for more some time soon.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-19
My colleague told me that there is one Thai restaurant that i must try at Kepong area and he guide me there and remind me few times to order some of their specialties. He said that after you have try this place you will never ever want to go other Thai restaurant. I bring my parents along with my two naughty kids venture this new eatery place called Yee Wen Thai Restaurant at Kepong (near to Menjalara) . This place is here for almost 6 years as i saw there is a foot print stated as 2008. The restaurant hidden signboard is just like the above pictures and hardly seen. You just need to observe the Restoran Ong Kee which is just beside Yee Wen . We need to go up a few steps as there is a small staircase and need to come here early for dinner to avoid the crowd. I heard this place is owned by a Thai Couples and the owner can speak very well Cantonese language. He will communicate Thai language with his staff and they also can speak in Mandarin. The restaurant decoration is not impressive, simple set up but i find it very authentic and special place to be with Thai music.Authentic thai food menu with so many choices. We settle down and ordered 5 dishes. This is the Belacan paku pakis (RM9). Crunchy vege garnished with chili padi and lots of garlic+onions.White Seafood Tom Yam Soup RM 20- Aromatic and savoury tom yam soup. Mixture of fresh prawns, fish, chicken meat, and squids. We can have two small bowls each for the four of us from this pot. The broth is really awesome and the tom yam taste is strong and pleasantly spicy. My mouth was a little bit numb after having this tom yam and the lemon fish..Spicy and sourness of these two dishes .. Really appetizing and i need more rice please. Simply irresistible!Steamed Lemon Red Snapper (RM 42). Here the price of the fish is quite consistent and reasonable. The owner said "Don't worry" We charge very cheap here. We are worried because there is no price in their menu. He seems to be honest and telling us just go ahead and order. The fish was fresh and with lots of garlic, spicy and sour gravy added with lemon sauce. Delicious!! One of their signature food - The fried squid (RM 20). Extremely crispy chewy squid when i have my first bite! This is small portion. Can you believe that? I was still thinking they are giving me the medium size because all the food served here is really large portion! Pandan Chicken RM 18 - Fragrant and succulent chicken meat. Each portion of the chicken inside is really big and even my mum just finished half of it. the rest we just take away for my sisters. My dad commented that this pandan chicken tastes really good and usually outside other Thai restaurant they charge this dish quite expensive.Another section of the dining area.Our total bill is RM 120.20 for 5 dishes+ rice+chinese tea.It is really worth it for the quality of the origin Thai food here and my dad nod his head saying this place is great and he is going to come over with his friends too. Truly satisfied with the food here with reasonable price.. Worth coming for next visit and agree with my colleague that the Thai food here is really damn good.Yee Wen Thai FoodLot 01-3813, Jalan Helang MerahKepong Baru Industrial Estate52100, Kuala LumpurTel: 016 272 8223 / 016 625 2018Hours: After 10.00 am to 10.00pm continue reading
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Level1 2013-08-05
Very slow and poor services provided. First thing is, we are not being served and we gotta hunt for a seat by ourself. Secondly, food served are very slow, each dish takes more than 10 minutes to serves. The whole dinner (6 main course) takes me around 2 hours. We ordered total of 7 dishes but eventually only 6 dishes served. No doubt, I will not return to this restaurant any more. Their foods are not so tasty and pricey. continue reading
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Level1 2012-01-11
Tucked neatly in a corner surrounded by trees and scrubs, this authentic Thai Restaurant is hard to locate unless you are familiar with Kepong Baru roads.The decor is very minimal. Kinda gives me the classic rustic feel. Once seated, we got down to business and started ordering. Very very hungry! Glad to say, the dishes arrives on our table at a super fast speed! Not sure if this is the norm as we were there early and not during the usual peak hour.We cleared all dishes to the last drop! Everyone was happy with tummy full and it's time to go home wash up and rest. It's been a fantastic day!!www.life-muses.cohttp://www.life-muses.com/2011/09/yee-wen-thai-food.html continue reading
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