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Level4 2016-08-07
When I first saw many blogs detailing the great French food at Yeast, I have kept a wish to try the food here one fine day. But it seems the price is quite expensive here till I decided to walk in today to check out the price, when my friend wanted to treat me for my belated birthday lunch. I was bored of Mid Valley that he wanted to go originally.Cappucino-Hazelnut (RM 14) They actually sell the best cappuccino I have ever tasted in my life. It is very dark full of chocolate taste.Duck Confit (RM 36) This duck confit is much better than the one at Alexis. It is so much more tender and the skin is also soft. The salad has light dressing too and not as thick as mayonaise or thousand island. There are a few pieces of roasted potatoes to eat together. There are also some deep fried onions, fried till crispy and fragrant.Cocotte (RM 20) The Filipina waitress recommended Cocotte to us. The boiled egg inside is so fluffy and soft. The egg tastes so well with the french bread albeit too hard to be bitten. The egg here is better than some others.Chocolate Lava Molten Cake (RM 27) This seems to be the only dessert in the menu that comes with pistachio ice-cream so I ordered it though I felt that molten chocolate lava cake is quite normal nowadays and not that great. Yeast has a lot of other pastries that are freshly made too. Nevertheless, the pistachio ice-cream was did much consolation for the normal cake as normally people only serve this cake with vanilla ice-cream.Fancy hearing me say that what I like most about Yeast is the French music inside the washroom! The washroom also looks classical french!The food is cooked fresh here. The small cafe is teeming with patrons all the time whether it is dinner or breakfast time as they have food for all timings.The only disadvantage is that you pay for a high price but sit at hot humid cafe as the air-condition is not powerful enough also due to the open door concept.Details:Add: 24-1 JalanTelawi 2 Bangsar 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Tel: +603 2282 0118Fax: +603 2283 3118 continue reading
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Level3 2016-03-24
It was a Saturday morning and my best friends called me up for brunch. Since I was quite free as it was the holidays, I agreed and we headed to Yeast Bistronomy for brunch. My friends and I were always on the lookout for good food and I think Yeast Bistronomy wasn’t a disappointment for us yet no wow factor to us.Since the food there are quite pricey, we decided to order all of our food from the eggs section. We had the Oeufs Mollets Florentine which I think meant Eggs Florentine. It was a dish made of 2 soft boiled eggs over spinach, mushrooms and glazed with a Gruyere cheese sauce. The dish turned out to be just a bowl of eggs with a bit of spinach and mushrooms with lots of cheese. I must say it tasted really good, the flavours were all spot on but it costed a bomb for such a simple dish. RM22 for eggs with cheese!Besides that, we had Oeufs Poches Benedictine which I think meant eggs benedict. It was a dish of 2 soft poached eggs on Brioche Toast with smoked salmon or smoked turkey served with Bearnaise sauce and greens. We opt for the salmon which costed a bit more than the turkey. If you choose salmon it would be RM27 and if it was turkey ham it would be RM22. I personally felt that the dish was alright, but I wish there was more on the plate. The potion was just too small and there were 1 or 2 slices of salmon only.As for the third dish which was Oeufs Provencal, it was baked eggs with vegetable ratatouille and farmers bread. Basically just eggs with a hard bread. And that dish cost RM17!! I felt that the other dishes tasted fairly okay, just that they went overboard with the pricing. continue reading
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Brunch @ Yeast Bistronomy, BangsarI have heard much about Yeast’s breakfast. Today, I bring one of my friend, Tissue to try their foods. Yeast Bistronomy is located along Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar. You will not miss their shop because their signboard is very eye-catching >< (yellow in colour).The interior is decorate with French twist and quite small. It is encourage to make reservation especially during the weekends. The table is covered by a paper and decorated with a potted plant ( simple and pretty). Their waiters are nice, friendly and speak good English. I really praise their service.Yeast offer French cuisine and the menus are in French. But, don’t worry because it contain English translation.^_^I was attracted by the name of the dish therefore I and Tissue ordered Le Croque Madame. It is a sandwich with Grilled Turkey Ham and Cheese as filling and topped with a Sunny Side Up Egg. It also serve with French Fries and Green Salad. It cost RM 28. A cup of coffee is something not to be missed. Thus, I ordered a cup of Latte (right) while my friend ordered a cup of Cappuccino (left). Decorated with beautiful garland. The coffee tasted smooth and silky. To end this brunch date, we ordered a Creme Brulee. The Creme Brulee tasted smooth and have crunchy texture because of the sugar glaze topping. It was so tasty and we decided to order another one . It cost RM 15.Overall, the food at Yeast is delicious. Prices ranges between moderate to a bit on a high side. The next visit I will try their dinner. Ambiance: 7.5/10Price: 5.5/10Food: 7/10Verdict: Great ambiance and good food. continue reading
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I've had a very good experience with the food at Yeast so far, so it stands to reason that I would be equally pleased with their breakfast. The breakfast offering is just as limited as their dinner, focusing more on the quality than on too large a variety; and I stand by their stance.I could appreciate how their dinner items are smaller, as they were rich and elaborate; but their baked egg, being such a simple item, disappointed me with its tiny size. It was crusted on the outside, and fluffy and semi-runny on the inside - it was cooked to perfection. But it was really, really tiny; and was basically just an egg (doesn't feel like more than one) that's baked. Too simple for the hefty price.I wasn't full at all. continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-27
Oeufs Mollets Florentine RM172 Soft Boiled Eggs, topped over a bed of spinach & mushrooms, glazed with Gruyere Cheese Sauce, served with a rustic artisan breadIt was such a pretty sight, seeing the eggs burst, yolk flowing out graciously. The eggs were very well done, so well done it could be called an art. I'm sorry but a perfectly done egg makes me go emotional. The whole dish was at a perfect degree of runny-ness, jsut nice for dipping the crusty & crafty artisan bread inside. Creamy, soothing, flavourful, balanced, perfect.Parmentier de Confit de Canard RM32 Shredded Duck Confit topped with a layer of Mashed Potato Pie, served with a side of Tomato SaladBasically, this is a French version of shepherd pie. The only difference is duck meat is used instead of the usual beef/chicken. The mashed potato pie was lovely- each bite was filled with a pleasant buttery aroma and the taste is further enhanced by herbs. The taste was so pleasantly sophisticated, like a mystery, it was so captivating- it just keeps me from reaching out my spoon, for another bite, and another. The duck confit base was so moist, so tender, I thought it could instantly melt in my mouth. The taste was so soothing, a little salty, yet sourish, and a had a little twist of flavours which I could yet to identify. To put it simply, it was DELICIOUS. A must-try!The tomato salad that comes with the duck confit pie.The salad was tossed in balsamic dressing, creating a pleasantly sourish taste which was really refreshing. The tomatoe cubes were marinated well, each bite was bursting with flavours. I would like to applaud YEAST, on how they could manage to transform a simple dish into such a delicacy.Oeufs Pochés Benedictine RM22 (salmon)2 Soft Pouched Eggs on Brioche Toast with Smoked Salmon or Smoked Turkey, Béarnaise Sauce and Greens. The poached eggs were perfect. Egg yolk came oozing out magnificently as we poked it. I really liked the béarnaise sauce used, which is actually a herbed-up version of hollandaise sauce. It was full of flavours, smooth and creamy. The whole dish just comes together so well, so perfect. So beautiful. Magnificent!Sorry for over-using adjectives here, but honestly, I thought that it was such a great dish it deserves extra credits.Le Croque Monsieur RM25Grilled Turkey Ham & Cheese sandwich served with a side of French Fries & Green SaladThe layers of cheese and ham and bread stacked together was so alluring & captivating. Don't you just feel like savouring the whole thing by your own? The bread was slightly charred on the side to give it a crisp and aromatic taste. The cheese filling was generous, yet not too much to prevent it fro being overly cloying. As goat cheese was used, there were a sharp, rustic taste when I devour the sandwich. Scrumptious!The fries, deserves a mention too. It was deep fried till golden perfection. I don't really know what was the dipping sauce the accompany the fries was, but it tasted a little bit like tar-tar sauce, herbed up version. So fine & divine. Wei Chen couldn't help it but to eat it on its own after we ran out of fries lol.Yeast is officially my favourite brunch restaurant, replacing Antipodean. =p The food here tasted so sophisticated, it was so alluring. Portion was generous, environment was charming, service was pleasant. (Y). continue reading
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