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不错吃!晚上来不会太热。环境不错!不吃生豪和螃蟹,所以觉的有点小贵!生虾买点好但有点少,不过还有其他虾。地上有水有点滑,煮好的东西好咸不太和吃。。下次还会再来。 continue reading
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Level4 2016-05-26
-- XING Hotpot & BBQ is Located at the place that all F&B come together in a commercial area filled with numerous eateries place that called Dataran C180 , balakong . In this commercial area there was alot of different cuisine and place to hang out for coffee or A pint of beer . A place that have cafe , Lounge , Stemboat , Hot pot and many more .-- XING Hotpot & BBQ adalah berdiri di tempat yang terdapat banyak F&B dalam kawasan komersial yang penuh dengan tempat-tempat makan yang terletak di Dataran C180 , Balakong . Di kawasan komersial ini terdapat banyak daripada masakan yang berbeza dan tempat melepak untuk minum kopi atau segelas bir. ialah adalah Sebuah tempat yang mempunyai kafe, Lounge, Stemboat, periuk panas dan banyak-banyak lagi .-- 興火锅&BBQ的位置就在所有餐馆挤在一起充满了食物的地方Dataran C180 , 在这商业区有很多不同的美食和喝茶聊天的咖啡店或喝啤酒 . 这里有咖啡厅 , 酒吧 , 火锅店和还有很多用餐的地方 .-- The reasonable price for Adult RM45 Per Pax , Kids Below 130cm is half price and Kids below 100cm can Eat for free . Fair rate for serving alot kind of seafood .-- Harga yang munasabah bagi Dewasa RM45 seorang , Kanak-kanak bawah 130 cm adalah separuh harga dan Kanak-kanak di bawah 100cm boleh makan secara percuma . Kadar yang adil untuk manikmati banyak jenis makanan laut yang sedia ada .-- 合理的价格为成人RM45一位 , 儿童低于130厘米半价和一百厘米以下的儿童可免费用餐 . 公平的价格还提供了很多种类的海鲜 .-- A Simple decoration with wooden tables and chairs , portable air conditioner that makes cozy while eating .-- Hiasan yang sempoi dengan meja dan kerusi kayu , penghawa dingin mudah alih yang membuat selesa semasa makan .-- 一个简单的装饰木质桌椅还有可以移动空调让我们舒适而吃 .-- There was many choices from vegetables , fishballs , many kind of noodle , huge variety of fresh seafoods , Two big fridge that contain every type of marinated meat as for the BBQ item , Slice pork belly and much much more that I Can't list it out all here . For the live prawn there was a Trick Or treat Going on , The staff will pour in live prawn every 20-30 minute with about only 15-25 pieces of live prawn in the Aquarium then consumer will use tongs to catch it and the live prawn will finish in second .-- Terdapat banyak pilihan daripada sayur-sayuran , bebola ikan , pelbagai jenis mi , Pelbagai jenis makanan laut segar , Dua peti sejuk besar yang mengandungi setiap jenis daging diperap untuk di BBQ dan lebih banyak lagi yang saya tidak dapat menyenaraikan semua di sini . Untuk mendapat udang hidup terdapat langkah helah , Kakitangan keadai akan tuangkan udang hidup setiap 20-30 minit dengan kira-kira hanya 15-25 ekor udang hidup di Aquarium kemudian pelangan akan menggunakan penyepit untuk menangkap udang hidup dan akan habis disekelip mata .-- 有许多种的蔬菜 , 几样不同的鱼丸 , 几种面 ,多种类的新鲜海鲜 , 旁边有两个大冰箱填满所有类型的腌制肉是拿来烧烤的 , 切片五花肉和还有很多很多在这里我写不完的料理 . 关于活虾呢工作人员每一轮在20-30分钟将在现场把虾倒入鱼缸 , 大约有15-25只活虾然后消费者会用钳子抓活虾但是很快就被抓完 .-- The soup was common like everywhere with Pumpkin , Tomyam and Herbal soup , after an hour keep on putting all those fresh seafood the soup base become sweet and Fragrant .-- Sup adalah same seperti mana-mana kedai yang lain dengan labu, Tomyam dan sup herba , selepas satu jam tak berhenti meletakkan semua makanan laut segar sup asas menjadi manis dan wangi .-- 汤底是跟到处都是一样的有南瓜 , 冬阴功和药草汤 . 我们在一小时内一直把所有新鲜的海鲜进入汤底变得更甜又香 .-- Stuck everything on the stick and grill all on the BBQ stove and add chili powder on it .-- cucuk semua dengan lidi dan pangang semua atas dapur BBQ dan menambah serbuk cili di atasnya .-- 把料理插在木子然后烧烤加上辣椒粉 .-- XING hotpot & BBQ restaurant is like a paradise of fresh seafood for unlimited refill But please don't waste any foods If you can't finish it . XING Hotpot & BBQ Restaurant was opened in Feb 2016 and one of the shop in C180 .-- XING hotpot & restoran BBQ adalah seperti syurga makanan laut segar yang tidak terhad Tetapi sila jangan berlengah makanan Jika anda tidak dapat menghabiskan . XING Hotpot & BBQ Restaurant dibuka pada Februari 2016 dan salah satu kedai dalam dataran C180 .-- 興火锅和烧烤餐厅就像新鲜海鲜的天堂可以无限吃但是如果你吃不完就请不要浪费任何食物 , 興火锅和烧烤餐厅是在2016年2月开的 , 在C180里其中一间店 . XING HOTPOT & BBQE-UG-10, Centerstage, Dataran C180,Jalan C180/1, 43200 Cheras, Selangor.Tel: 016-6517301Opening Hours: 5.30pm-12amPrice: Adult: RM45Child: RM22.50 (below 130cm)Child: FREE (below 100cm) continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Steamboat on this rainy weather is always a perfect idea,moreover on a Friday night. Cool right!! You can spend time with your friends & family until late night without worrying about waking up early for class/work. This round we went Xing Hotpot & BBQ, located at C180, Cheras. This Hotpot & BBQ restaurant offers unique dining experiences compared to some other steamboat restaurant. What is so unique about this steamboat & BBQ restaurant? You get a chance to catch your own Prawns, Escargort and Lala from the aquarium tank by yourself for the steamboat and BBQ. But be careful as the prawns will be flying all over the area while you are trying to catch it. Hahahaha!! We were greeted upon entering and the staff seated us in the table. A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived at 6.30pm but it was filling up soon later on. It was an open-air concept restaurant and I guess this concept is perfect to have a BBQ and steamboat as it has good air ventilation and make the dining experience enjoyable. We chose Tom Yum & Chicken Soup for the steamboat and both of it tasted equally good. Seafood's are good to have with Tom Yum while Chicken Soup is good to have with all the vegetables and tofu. Beverage Choices (Herbal Tea, Orange Tea, Lemon Tea and Chinese Tea). I loved their Orange Tea and Herbal Tea. Good to have with Steamboat & BBQ. Few dishes to have while waiting for the Steamboat and BBQ to be ready (Nuggets, Fries, Squid Rings, Salad, Chicken Wings, Prawns, Noodles and Fried Rice)BBQ meats are good, it has it’s own flavour and doesn’t require any sauce to go with. All BBQ meats are marinated with the spices except Satay and Taufu. Plenty of seafood choices (Prawn, Oyster, Lala, Crab, Shellfish, Squid, Snails, Fish and Scallops) Grilled Prawns was meaty and juicy. We used fresh prawns to do BBQ so it was yum. Grilled Oyster is good to have too. It was a good dinner for us. Friendly service and good hospitality which is very rare to expect in some Steamboat restaurant. Very frequent in refilling the ingredients except the live prawns. I think it is only refilled a couple of times during our entire stay and I manage to get some of it as I am one of the earliest customers of the day. My favorites are Prawn, Tom Yum & Chicken Soup, Crab, Mushroom and Cheese Taufu.Thanks for the delicious food!!E-UG-10, Centerstage,Dataran C180Jalan C180/1CherasJalan KasturiTaman Kasturi43200 Batu 9 Cheras continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2016-05-22
Usually we won't drive so far all the way to Cheras Selatan to eat anything. Initially I declined the offer then suddenly, I went because of fellowship. Thank god Saturday is Wesak Day so a lot of Malaysians are on leave on Friday.Xing Hot Pot is located in a commercial area called C180, a bit weird for an area like this. I was surprised that the AEON Cheras Selatan that I used to go for movies in university, has developed into such a busy area with a lot of cafes. There is even an Ibis Style Hotel! Beside the Ibis Hotel, there is a staircase that leads upstairs to the commercial area whereby Xing is the only cafe.Surprisingly, the seafood at Xing is very fresh. Unlike the description by other bloggers, that we have to be kiasu and stand beside the aquarium in order to get the live tiger prawns to be barbecued, I did get 2 chances. I admit I waited till an hour later before I saw it swimming in the aquarium and I even got the chance to eat it twice! The prawns are so fresh, swimming and jumping off the glasses! The taste is springy too!The other blogs and facebook also described Xing waiters as not helpful but it turned out my experience was good whereby when I arrived, they gave me plates though they needn't do so since it's a buffet. They even helped me put the sticks through the live prawns and brought us 3 big plates of slices beef, pork and lamb.Upon arrival, normally hungry customers can go to the cooked food corner and grab some noodles, salad, fried food like chicken wings, prawns, clams etc.There were many choices of vegetables, fishballs, yong tau foo stuff, many varieties of noodles from ee foo mee to fish paste noodles, and also 2 refrigerators containing BBQ satay sticks made in very cute yakitori style and the other for steamboat items.My personal favourite are the BBQ sticks such as my favourite snails, taiwanese sausages (mini version), BBQ fish and shimsamo. We can BBQ all that on mini BBQ pits on every table. They just have too much seafood here like clams, prawns (normal and tiger prawns), scallops (smaller version), oysters (very small ones), bamboo clams, snails etc. I felt like I was in a seafood restaurant instead of plain steamboat.For soup, there are choices of herbal chicken, clear, tomyam and pork bone soup.There is also myriad drinks like chinese tea, lemon tea, sweet herbal tea, orange juice. As for desserts, there are red bean soup, green bean and also sweet glutinous balls. Most of them are super sweet.There is even a fridge for ice-cream from Magnolia and Kings ice-cream sticks in flavours like lemon lime, orange, chocolate etc.For the price of only RM 49.90 per pax, it is well worth the money. If you live around this area of Cheras or Balakong, then should not miss this steamboat!Details: Address: E-UG-10, Centerstage, Dataran c180, Jalan c180/1, Cheras, Jalan Kasturi, Taman Kasturi, 43200 Batu 9 Cheras,Selangor, Malaysia continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)